"Big Brother" is the reality show critics love to hate. But for passionate fans of the unscripted CBS soap opera, summer would be a bummer without it. That includes TVWeek editors Michele Greppi and Josef Adalian, who’ve decided to chronicle their “Brother”-ly love via regular blog postings. From the first HOH competition to the last "But first…" to fall from the lips of the Chenbot, they’ll be serving up their unfiltered take on life inside TV’s most dysfunctional house of horrors.


Oh Brother!

1 POV Played = 1 Peeved AARPer

September 3, 2008 7:47 AM

Michele Greppi: Renny’s fate seems all but sealed after the broadcast last night of the Power of Veto ceremony in which Memphis took his fellow (and covert) Renegade Dan off the block, leaving only Renny to replace him.

Keesha is not happy, Joe. Renny and she formed a bond early on in “Big Brother 10” and it has survived. Until Thursday night’s live eviction show, Keesha is going to be seeing Renny’s sad eyes everywhere she goes.

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Renny, of course, is not happy. She told Keesha not to trust either of the men in their alliance, Dan or Memphis. She and her neverending wardrobe, her wigs, her sequined berets, her masks and her boas are have a ticket to the sequester house, where there is only one person she likes, Michelle, who is as quick to goof and to flare as Renny is.

Geezer Jerry, the Head of Household who nominated Keesha and Dan in an attempt to get rid of Dan, is seething. Memphis screwed him. And thank gawd for that. Mr. Know-It-All, Mr. I-Can-Top-That-Story, Mr. Mean Jeans, got played, a turn of events long overdue.

You’d think with only five people left that the “BB10” house would feel spacious. Not with Jerry stalking the others and insinuating himself into everything that happens in the house. It would be one thing if he just took part in conversations, but nooooo, he’s got to take over every conversation within earshot.

I start gasping for oxygen every time he enters the room. And I’m on the far side of the continent and a TV screen from him.

Still, “Big Brother After Dark” on Showtime Too is going to get more and more interesting over the next few nights, because I, who never drink alone, am going to take a shot of kahlua every time the younger houseguests start peeling off from a Jerry-atric conversation with “I’ve got to wash my hair”-type excuses.

Mr. Buttinsky couldn’t even leave Dan and Memphis to their Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn wonderment as they watched the big spider in the back yard pounce on the moths they tossed into its web and wrap the creature up like a rodeo champion trussing up a clueless calf.

Unless the youngsters finally tell him to go outside and sit in the truck, as I learned to say in Atlanta, Jerry is going to be one big drag on the penultimate week in the house.

Unless the “BB” gods decide to toy with the contestants and the viewers, Jerry will go next week, leaving Dan, Memphis and Keesha as a competitive and collegial final three.

Meanwhile, Renny, whose New Orleans drawl is thicker than cankles, is blissfully unaware of Gustav barging into her hometown. Her family evacuated early and is safe, a “BB” spokeswoman told me Tuesday afternoon. If they return home to destruction or worse, the family and “BB10” producers will discuss whether Renny should be informed.

Gotta go for tonight, Joe, my fellow couch pair-tato, the Yang to my Yin. Still trying to figure out why MSNBC has put half a continent in between Chris Matthews (in St. Paul at the Republican National Convention) and Keith Olbermann (sitting behind bullet-proof glass at 30 Rock back home in New York). And I ain’t buying that spin that he’s there in case Hurricane Hanna makes U.S. landfall Thursday. Like hurricanes are his specialty.


Sen. Joe Lieberman, who has floated from one political party to another, is giving a Geezer Jerry speech on the podium.

And Cindy McCain is nodding approval from the audience, looking more and more like “BB10’s” April every minute.

Josef Adalian: Sadly, I missed much of the GOP convention because I was busy columnizing about the new "90210." I wish I had a good joke about Jerry, John McCain and Joey L. But none come to mind, so I'll let readers come up with their own.

The moment of last night's show for me, Ms. Yin, was the sight of Jerry falling feet first into the pool. Given his age, such a nasty fall should be cause for gasps, not guffaws. But super self-confident Jerry needed to be taken down a few pegs, and the "Big Brother" gods delivered. Hee-hee.

As for the game: Sadly, I agree that it's curtains for Renny. I really did want her to win, in part to show Jerry that older people can do well in the house without making complete fools of themselves. Unfortunately, Renny, the woman from the Big Easy, was far too laid back for this game.

She never mastered the art of alliances. She usually just let the game happen around her. That she got so far is testimony to her winning personality—and the power of not making too many enemies. (Having Jessie as an enemy also propelled her far, methinks).

I'll also miss Renny's ability to bring out the worst in Dan. I'm sorry, but 25-year-olds should know that imitating someone else's moves ceases to be funny once you're older than, say, 10. But what's really annoying about Dan is how self-impressed he is with his every action, be it his Renegade alliance or his alleged ability to tweak Renny.

The interesting question for me is how the next HOH handles the Jerry problem. At first, it seems a no-brainer to immediately nominate him for eviction. But doing so sets up the possibility that he'd win POV and cruise into the final three.

And yet, counting on a backdoor nomination also has risks. If Jerry isn't nominated, and then wins POV, he can't use it, since there'll be nobody else to nominate. Grrr: Bottom line is, there's no guarantee Jerry will be out next week.

Tonight on "BBAD," the hopeful final three of Dan, Memphis and Keesha are complaining about Jerry's attempts to woo them. His wooing isn't working. I worry that poor Keesha is letting personal feelings interfere with her game play. She doesn't realize that she has a much better shot at final two with Jerry than with Dan or Memphis.

That's it for me, Greppi. Save some kahlua for me. Though if you want to have a really fun night, do a shot every time John McCain says the words "my friends". You'll be blotto in no time.


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Joe: Regardless of who wins HOH, it's the POV winner that will determine who goes home. Won't matter if Jerry is nominated or not.

Supposedly, Keesha is not stupid. (She reminds us of that incessantly in case her actions lead us to believe otherwise) She's hidden behind Renny the whole game and now that's being taken away. Taking Jerry to the final 3 makes sense, which is why she won't do it. When did rational thinking ever factor into these people's minds?

My hope is for Jerry to win POV and watch the three amigos go after each other. BB has way of punishing those who get too smug, too soon.

Nick- If the HOH wins POV, then (s) doesn't determine who goes home. The lone non-nominee does, right?


Let's say Memphis wins HOH. He nominates Jerry and Keesha. Then, he wins POV. Dan would be the vote to determine who goes home, right? Or maybe the rules change for the final four? It's hard to keep track...

Thanks for reading!


Joe - you are correct; when down to the final four, that's the only scenario under which the POV winner does not determine the evictee; if any of the three HOH losers win the POV, then they are the lone vote to send someone home;

Really want Keesha out tonight, but alas, it's not to be. For some reason BB players think more about bringing friends to the final with them, than they do about setting themselves up for the win.

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