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Oh Brother!

A Dan-Tastic Way to Get Rid of Jerry

September 12, 2008 10:10 AM

Michele Greppi: Dan did it. He masterminded himself and Memphis into the final two on “Big Brother 10” and kept his hands clean, because it was Memphis who single-handedly evicted Geezer Jerry in a live bye-bye last night.

If the jury of the last seven evicted houseguests awards him the $500,000 first prize next Tuesday, there should be no argument that he ranks as the greatest player in the history of “BB.” If the jury goes for Memphis, I’d still argue that Dan is the greatest, because he kept Memphis in the game.

I have enjoyed watching the two of them play the game and everybody in the house in a relatively civilized and yet spellbindingly devious way. Although I believe Dan ought to get the big money, it wouldn’t be a bummer of a travesty if Memphis got it.

And it’s oh so pleasant to think of the final few days of “Big Brother After Dark” on Showtime Too without Geezer J. skulking around and sucking all the oxygen out of the conversations in the house.

Danphis probably will lay out a buffet for the spiders over the back yard sofa and even share their beer with the arachnids and then talk about life and dreams.

Still to come is the grilling of Danphis by the sour grapesers at the sequester house via satellite.

And then Tuesday, we’ll see whether Dan’s smart plays to Michelle (on a luxury trip to a secluded beach last week) and to Keesha (by whispering as she left the house Tuesday that he had taken Michelle, when the remaining houseguests, including Memphis, thought he had gone alone) pay off.

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Speaking of Michelle, Joe, my Mr. Yang, I voted for her to get the special $25,000 prize. I know you’ll vote for Renny, but I’ll bet I voted more times for Michelle than you did for Renny.

Let’s just cross our fingers that no one voted for Geezer J., who at least managed not to pick his nose and roll up the booger on the couch during his exit interview with Julie Chen last night.

Cue the “Jaws” theme at the sequester house. Geezer J. is circling.

Josef Adalian: Yes, Mizz Yin, all is well in the “Big Brother” house today. Two very solid players have made it to the final. And Dan—the man who should win the grand prize—has done so by actually demonstrating gamesmanship and intelligence, qualities too often in short supply on this show.

While I don’t know if I’m ready to call Dan the greatest “Brother” player yet, I agree there’s a strong case to be made for such an argument. Specifically, he has impressed me with his ability to play smart without being a total egomaniac (howdy, Dr. Will and Mike “Boogie”) or creep (that’s you, Adam). Sure, he stabbed his share of backs. He’s a closet Republican. And his “veto roulette” scheme was an off-brand display of immaturity that may yet cost him the game.

But overall, I like Dan. I’d like to hang out with Dan. He’s a good guy who, in the end, stayed loyal to his one true alliance by voting out Jerry and keeping Memphis.

Memphis, too, seems a pleasant enough man. He’s pulled off a few key wins when he needed to do so. But he’s beyond boring and, I’m sorry, his only real strategy was staying loyal to Dan.

As we’ve noted before, the real question is whether the members of the jury vote with their brains or their hearts. If they want to settle grudges, Dan will lose out on $450,000. If they decide to honor the superior player in the game, Memphis will have to settle for $50,000.

Now, as for who should get the $25,000 third-place prize. You’re right, Greppi: My heart says Renny. I just like her. She entertained me all summer long. She’s a real woman, with real emotions … and fake hair. But I like her.

You’ve made a compelling case for Michelle, who is certainly a real person with real blue-collar roots. But she’s also enormously self-impressed. I mean, she thought the best play of the game was her back-door exit. Oh, please. And let’s not even mention her many (wrong) conspiracy theories.

So I decided on a compromise: My heart voted for Renny, but my fingers voted for … nobody. I shall remain quiet in the eyes of CBS, allowing your dozens of votes for Michelle to not be canceled out by my preferences.

Sunday’s a compilation show, Greppi. Tuesday is the big finale. If all goes well, I’ll be backstage and ready to report back with some behind-the-scenes scoops.

Only 300 or so days until “Big Brother 11.”


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in the first sentence you wrote "because it was Memphis who single-handedly evicted Geezer Jerry in a live bye-bye last night." didn't Dan win the final HOH and evict Jerry??......




Dan evicted Jerry. Big difference when it comes to the jury house. Jerry still has faith in Memphis. Dan certainly played a good game, not as good as Dr. Will's, but really good. Don't award him the $500K just yet. His moves were visibly cocky and backstabbing, leaving some harsh feelings for April, Ollie, and Michelle as they exited. Memphis was smart enough to get to the final with no HOH wins and minimal blood on his hands. There's nothing wrong with that as a strategy. Vote goes 4-3 for either guy.

And sorry, Jerry will win the $25K. Great edit on the CBS show will outweigh the feed watchers.


Remember this - Memphis won a car in week one and the jury does not know that Dan won 20K for being America's player. The jury will take this into account and vote for Dan to win.


Too bad that Memphis didn't win HOH, and then evict Jerry. It would have put all the blood on his hands, and Dan would have looked really clean. (I kinda figured this is what Dan would have shot for) Oh well, I think Dan deserves the win. Also,I was hoping Jerry would have been a better guy, as I am a 60 year old MARINE.

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