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Oh Brother!

Crocodile Tears for a Woman Scorned

September 10, 2008 9:23 AM

Michele Greppi: Ouch!! In one of the most brutal strategic betrayals in "Big Brother" history, Memphis single-handedly voted Keesha, who engineered the revolt that saved him from being evicted, out of the house. 

He kept Geezer Jerry, the most annoying of the annoying houseguests of "BB10"!!! 

And Dan—well, take a deep breath and pay close attention. Dan, the Head of Household who nominated Geezer J. and his secret ally Memphis for eviction, threw one last competition to let Memphis win so that Memphis would be the one with blood on his hands, and then moved in for the kill of Memphis' chances at winning the $500,000 next Tuesday by pretending in his taped goodbye message to Keesha that he tried to talk Memphis out of booting Keesha. 

Oh no he di-uhnt!!! And cue the crocodile tears. 

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Dan even covered his backside by whispering in Keesha's ear as she left the house something she will learn as soon as she enters the sequester house: Dan lied about going solo on the exotic daytrip out of the house that he had won in a luxury competition. 


He chose to take Michelle—who was backdoored by Dan, Memphis, Renny and Keesha—out of her sequester house for the day and work her for her vote. 

Whether it works or not, Dan's plan has been a complex one that started with him casting himself as a weak player and an odd duck, throwing competition after competition and keeping his talent for the devious below the radar. 

But once Dan began really playing to win, he began winning at nearly everything he played. 
Dan isn't home free, but he's very, very close. 

At the end of last night's "BB10,"  Dan, Memphis and Geezer J. were at the beginning of an endurance contest that will determine the next head of household and guarantee that person is one of the final two. 

The two losers then will compete for the one spot next to the HOH as the sequestered jurors try to decide whether they cast their votes based on respect for who played the better game or based on their animus (which flowed like tap water this season).

Gawd, I wish I were home tonight, instead of in a motel room in Wilmington, N.C., so I could watch "Big Brother After Dark." Geezer J. is going to be all huffy-puffed up that he, the world's oldest reality contestant, made it to the final three instead of being shot execution-style by all the people who hated him but used him to inflate their vote count since the beginning of the game, thinking they could always evict him next week or the week after. 

Now there is no week after, and Dan and Memphis have no room for error. 

It's all-or-nothin'  time. 

No disrespect for Memphis, Joe, but my bet is that Dan takes all. 

And, of course, my hope is that Jerry gets nothin'. 

You know he shou-uhn't.
Josef Adalian: Actually, Greppi, don't feel so bummed about missing "BBAD." As I watch right now, the cameras are focused on Memphis bouncing a green ping-pong ball against the ceiling. Every once in a while, he stops to scratch himself or examine some part of his body. If there were thought bubbles over his head, I'm sure they'd read, "Damn, I just blew $500,000."  

And indeed he did. Until tonight, I would have considered Dan the favorite to win. Yes, Dan had played a better game—by far. But Memphis had made few enemies.  

But by overthinking this game—i.e., convincing himself that Keesha needed to go—Memphis blew it. There's a time for backstabbing in the "Big Brother" house and a time for loyalty. Had Jerry been sent packing, he'd have been annoyed at Memphis—but not surprised, or scorned. And let's face it: Ain't nobody in the jury house gonna listen to a thing Geezer J. has to say. 

Now, however, Memphis has sent a woman very much scorned into exile. She will do all she can to turn the sequester house against Memphis, assuming he makes it to the final two. It was actually tough seeing Keesha break down when she realized she was about to be betrayed. 

Is Memphis so insecure that he didn't think he could make it to the final two with Keesha in the house? She has not shown any more ability to win competitions than Jerry. And let's assume Dan wins the final HOH. If Dan is of a mind to betray the Renegade alliance and take someone other than Memphis to the final two, does it matter whether Jerry or Keesha is the third houseguest? So, again, I ask: Why risk Keesha's revenge? 

Actually, the more I think about it, Memphis might actually have increased the odds of a Dan betrayal. If Dan does win HOH, and does ditch Memphis, he will now be a hero to Keesha.  

At this point, I must give a shout-out to Dan for showing the sort of brazen cynicism one normally would associate with a certain GOP presidential candidate. It seems that he plotted with Dan to ax Keesha—but made her think he was on her side. 

We didn't see it on the show, but is it possible that Dan really did lobby Memphis to keep Keesha? If so, why didn't Memphis call him out on it?  

A quick check of the blogosphere reveals that, no, Dan and Memphis are still Renegades. They're just pretending to be at war with each other so Jerry won't compete too hard for HOH. (There's really no need for this drama, guys.) 

And here's proof that Dan is playing Memphis: Dan lied when Memphis asked him what he whispered to Keesha on her way out. Memphis, the one-time player, is being played big-time by the Republican from Michigan. 

Dan has won the first part of the HOH. He stands a good shot of winning the third part. (The second part of the competition might involve memory: The HGs are currently being serenaded by random lines of nonsense from "Big Brother.") 

My guess: Dan and Jerry in the final two. 

Yup, Memphis just blew his shot at $500K. And Jerry may get $50K to give to his grandkids. 

Memphis, Memphis, Memphis: Turns out you're the moth, and Dan's the spider. Your days are numbered.  


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Don't discount how much the women in the jury house hate Keesha. Memphis stands a good chance of becoming their hero for sending her out the door. Michelle's visit with Dan was probably edited favorably for Dan. Michelle doesn't change her opinion easily and Dan's betrayal sent her packing.

While Keesha appears to be a good candidate for houseguest with the "biggest grudge and won't shift under any circumstances" category in BB history, the last thing she knows about Dan is that he admitted to lying to her about the beach trip. A few days with the other jurors and who knows. Her hatred for Memphis subsides enough to open her mind to the fact that both guys played the game and played her.

Vote will be 4-3. Just don't know if it's for Dan or Memphis.


While it makes for a clever title, the term Crocodile tears is utterly wrong for describing Keesha's state of heart. The phrase crocodile tears is defined as being an insincere display of emotion. Keesha was at that point incapable of controlling her emotional response; incapable of such artifice.

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