"Big Brother" is the reality show critics love to hate. But for passionate fans of the unscripted CBS soap opera, summer would be a bummer without it. That includes TVWeek editors Michele Greppi and Josef Adalian, who’ve decided to chronicle their “Brother”-ly love via regular blog postings. From the first HOH competition to the last "But first…" to fall from the lips of the Chenbot, they’ll be serving up their unfiltered take on life inside TV’s most dysfunctional house of horrors.


Oh Brother!

Keesha, Keesha, Keesha

September 5, 2008 12:25 PM

Michele Greppi: Renny, the dawlin’ from N’awluhns, is headed for a reunion in the “Big Brother 10” sequester house.

Dan won the competition for Head of Household on last night’s live eviction show, beating out his secret Renegade alliance partner by only one point. Keesha, on the other hand, got only one of the seven questions right. And Geezer Jerry sat out the competition because, as outgoing HOH, he was ineligible.

There’s no way Dan won’t nominate Jerry, who called him a Judas for playing the game, for eviction.

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The only question is whether Dan the formerly lay-low man, thinks he should put up Keesha as a protected pawn next to Jerry, or Memphis, who, like Dan, has suddenly showed his mettle as a player after keeping his head down through most of “BB10.”

If Keesha goes up and loses the battle for the Power of Veto (yes, I am properly embarrassed for my stupid slip of the typed tongue in our last blog entry, Joe. I know there’s no Power of Eviction), then Jerry could wangle his way into the final three. We’ve said enough about the horror and unjustness of that possibility. But for Dan to put up Memphis as a protected pawn also would be a risk.

But Dan has no other options.

We’re about to get a real chance to judge the Renegades as players. They’ve got to get Jerry out before the next—and last—HOH competition. Here’s the knife, Joe, cut the tension in the house.

It’s another reason this season has been one of the best in “BB” history.

When we last saw the remaining houseguests last night, a Sumo wrestler was sitting on information that has a bearing on a luxury competition that will surely test the resolve of at least some of the surviving contestants and might also test loyalty and trust. Mr. Sumo was speaking only Japanese and there were no subtitles for the houseguests.

I’m betting that Keesha, having embarrassed herself with her HOH performance last night, might be having a crisis of confidence that would make her the most susceptible to taking a prize that could seal her doom.

Speaking of Keesha, who has talked of her interest in acting, imagine my shock, shock! , upon spotting her as an extra in the second of the two episodes screened Wednesday night at a packed premiere party for HBO’s “Entourage,” which makes its oh-so-welcome return at 10 p.m. Sunday. Alas, I was in an SRO theater, watching the preview on a huge screen that made it clear that there’s going to be a particularly rich look to everything this season. Everything has a saturated glow and a sheen that wasn’t just skin deep. Lots of ha-ha and heart is in store.

I was caught so by surprise that I reached instinctively for my remote to rewind and freeze it so I could be sure. Of course, I could do no such thing.

If she’d had a line—or a laugh—I’d have had not a second’s doubt. But she didn’t. She just sat there in a green dress and a familiar furrowed expression. She was at a table with Tony Bennett and other party guests as the luscious-as-ever Vince (Adrian Grenier), having his own crisis of confidence, rushed by.

Just keep a sharp eye peeled during the second episode, which, as irony only found in Tinseltown would have it, will be telecast at 10 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 14, the night of the penultimate show before the “BB10” live finale Tuesday, Sept. 16.

Anyway, I confidently recommend “Entourage,” the first two episodes of which do not waste a single line, and which have engaging storylines for every one of the core characters.

As for Keesha, she also played a breast-bared slasher victim in “The Fear Chamber,” which was completed last spring.

Even after Googling up Keesha’s big scene, I confidently give it a thumb sideways.

When next we “Brother” up, Joe, I’ll be in Wilmington, N.C., hopefully without Hurricane Hanna, waiting for the six-months-early test of what happens when a market goes digital. It all happens Monday, hopefully without Hurricane Ike.

Josef Adalian: Let's hope the switchover goes well. I wouldn't want to be the FCC official who handles the mail if somehow residents of Wilmington aren't able to see their "Big Brother."

I am surprised, Ms. Yin, that you didn't mention the biggest surprise of the night: Jerry's amazing speech at the Xcel Center last night. The "Big Brother" producers had to bend the rules to let him out of the house, but hey: Country First.

Anyway, I was very sad to see Renny go. But Dan and Memphis—Demphis? Meman?—made the right call. Renny in the final two all but guarantees a loss for whoever sat beside her. She started out all kinds of crazy, and ended up being one of the most real players ever to play this game. Insert your own Sarah Palin joke here.

Meanwhile, Dan does have a dilemma. But whatever he does, Jerry has only two ways to the final three: He must win power of veto. Or, he has to pray Keesha isn't nominated, wins the POV and uses it to take him off the block Dan will almost certainly put him on. The odds are long for Jerry, but the geezer has been very, very lucky thus far.

As for Thursday's show, I was very psyched to finally see the evicted houseguests in the Jury House. I was bummed, however, to see so very little of what's been going on. April got off a few bitchy remarks at Dan and Keesha's expense. But I want to know how hot and heavy things have gotten with Aprollie, whether Libra has mellowed, and what new words Michelle has mangled or which conspiracy theories she has imagined.

Maybe Sunday.

It was also nice to see Memphis's better half. But I had to laugh when she described early Memphis as a "ladies' man," mere minutes before producers recycled the Jerry-Memphis fight over Jerry's charge that Memphis is ... a ladies' man. (Technically, he said womanizer, but is there that big a difference?) Memphis may be loyal to his current galpal, but as some of his "private" conversations with Dan in recent days have shown, he's still a guy's guy when it comes to talking about women in the house. (Apparently none of them, even the Hooters-esque among them, are worthy of his lust).

Finally, I loved the look on the houseguests' faces—especially Dan's—when Mr. Sumo started speaking Japanese. I can't wait to see how his appearance and the luxury competition change the game. I think you are right to predict that someone's about to regret a victory.

Have a safe trip, Ms. Yin, and don't go chasing any storms. Only four more shows to go before we bid farewell to what's been a very memorable two months of "Big Brother."


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I hope Keesha kicks those boys butts! I am sorry it wasnt Keesha and Renny to the end. Both ladies
played a great game.

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