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A No-show Fren-Emmy

June 18, 2007 9:21 AM

Despite last-minute attempts to drum up anticipation of a reunion of “The View” and Rosie O’Donnell, the former co-host did not make an appearance at the 34th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony Friday. Is anyone surprised that Ms. O’Donnell had better things to do than watch that nice Ellen DeGeneres pick up another of the Emmys that Ms. O’Donnell used to be able to count on when she still pretended to aspire to being regarded as the Queen of Nice?

Ms. DeGeneres upheld her own reputation as a fashion adventuress with black evening slacks and a short, boxy white jacket and “tie” that was part choirboy, part busboy, part Buster Brown and part Katharine Hepburn.

It worked, which is more than OMGreppi can say in general about the parade of personalities who seemed to have taken leave of their common sense and their stylists. The evening proved, yet again, that there is no substitute for a genuine sense of style and that seeing so many otherwise attractive women trying so hard to prove they can manage to over- and under-dress, at the same time, is a genuinely scary experience.

Orange seemed to be the predominant color of the night. It seemed everyone from the East Coast got themselves a store-bought tan to try to pass for Californians. Alas, most of them sported bathing suit “tan” lines that contrasted starkly with the unnatural skin tones.

Eva Larue, the former “All My Children” star who graduated to “CSI: Miami,” proved that too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Loved the cobalt blue of her dress, but not when it competed with so much pumpkin-colored cleavage.

Rachael Ray also had a brand-new bronze complexion, newly blackened hair and a plunging neckline that cried out for double-sided tape. The display of droopy, pancake-style cleavage was not one of her better choices.

Give Tyra Banks a gold star for fashion daring, if not for studying her Emmy script. Her coppery construction was hard for her to move in—a conclusion that was unavoidable when she realized she was on the wrong side of the set she shared with Elmo when the two were paired as presenters.

That brings OMGreppi to the best line of the night. Elmo pointed out to Ms. Banks that his Muppeteer, Kevin Clash, had just won his 12th Daytime Emmy, but “Elmo doesn’t know what Kevin does. He just lies around all the time,” Elmo said as he peered over the little wall that hid Mr. Clash from sight.

Final thought: The first competition for morning shows in the Daytime Emmys ended with a tie for ABC’s “Good Morning America” and NBC’s “Today.” Those awards were presented Thursday night at the non-televised creative arts ceremonies.

OMGreppi thinks it will be very hard to drum up interest in the category for a second year.


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Top Heavy Chefs:

What's this about Rachel Ray's "droopy pancake-style cleavage?"

Giving vent to our inner Janet Jackson, are we? Must be a trend. Just last week, TV Guide's "Viewer Cheers and Jeers" heaped scorn upon the Food Network's Giada DiLaurentis and her ever-present rack o' Giada.

It seems ironic to accuse Ms. Ray of hanging crepes while those two
flapjack grande dames, Madames Butterworth and Jemima, both appear to be amply endowed.

Thanks for keeping us well informed.

"... ever present rack o' Giada"? a tip o' my OMG hat.

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