Michele Greppi believes half the fun of TV is talking about it -- whether it's whining about the lame-ass finale for the once-beloved "Veronica Mars" or gushing about the kick-ass coda of "The Shield,' which lacked only one last face-to-face at which Mackey could have -- deservedly -- gone postal on Shane. Enter OMGreppi, which will focus on things that were said or seen on TV in the previous 24 hours or so that had Ms. Greppi exclaiming or muttering "omigawd!" at her 24/7 television set.


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Bob Schieffer, Yes; Paris Hilton, No

June 25, 2007 9:16 AM

OMGreppi has better things to do this Wednesday night than feel her skin crawl for the hour that Paris Hilton is scheduled to appear on CNN’s “Larry King Live.”

As a long-time FOB—Fan Of Bob Schieffer—OMGreppi will be in the New York City crowd attending a benefit concert headlined by the moderator of CBS’s “Face the Nation” and the D.C.-based country western band, Honky Tonk Confidential. On the bill that night: “TV Anchorman,” one of the songs from the group’s fourth album, “Road Kill Stew and Other News.”

Mr. Schieffer wrote the lyrics for four of the song and sorta sings.

In addition to seeing a whole new side of Mr. Schieffer—who knew he could work a TV news consultant and “Brokeback Mountain” joke into the same ditty?—our presence will benefit the Walter Reed Society, which benefits the welfare and morale of soldiers and family and staff at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Music starts at 8 p.m. Wednesday at Hill Country, 30 W. 26th St., in Manhattan. It’s $15 per head. The reservation list has started to fill, so OMGreppi recommends a call to 212-255-4544.

Remembering Carl Killingsworth

On a less upbeat note: Carl Killingsworth, one of the funniest, sweetest, most joyous and most memorable gentlemen ever to leave the Deep South and to cross OMGreppi’s path, died Saturday afternoon after a long and gutsy battle with liver and pancreatic cancer. He was a month shy of his 71st birthday.

After a long stretch with NBC and WNBC-TV—where he was doing PR when OMGreppi met him—he began commuting across the Hudson River to CNBC in 1996.

He led a glamorous life—how many men do you know who had escorted Jacqueline Onassis?—but you were more likely to hear about that from someone other than Carl, who appreciated good dish but didn’t participate.

At CNBC, Carl handled the details for everything from road trips for VIPs and shows—handing out CNBC pens along the way—to the company Christmas party and summer picnic.

If you asked for advice and counsel, he gave it. No matter who you were. If you were smart, you took it. No matter who you were.

Although Carl didn't have family in New York, he considered all of you at CNBC an important part of his family. In that way, he is survived by every CNBC employee.

There will be a wake and funeral in New Bern, N.C.

There will be a memorial in New York.

OMGreppi doesn’t envy whoever will plan that one.

It will have to live up to Carl.


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Let's see..

Worst Television Interviewer other than James Lipton: Larry King. (Check!)

Worst Reality TV Star since, well, anyone who has ever appeared on "Temptation Island": Paris Hilton. (Check!)

Mix in 1,492 commercials/promos and you have potentially the worst hour of television.. well.. ever...

I don't want to watch it.. really... er.. umm..

but I must. I MUST!! (Heaven help me...)

Nice blog by the way...


you'll watch so OMGreppi doesn't have to.


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