Michele Greppi believes half the fun of TV is talking about it -- whether it's whining about the lame-ass finale for the once-beloved "Veronica Mars" or gushing about the kick-ass coda of "The Shield,' which lacked only one last face-to-face at which Mackey could have -- deservedly -- gone postal on Shane. Enter OMGreppi, which will focus on things that were said or seen on TV in the previous 24 hours or so that had Ms. Greppi exclaiming or muttering "omigawd!" at her 24/7 television set.


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Clueless Cougars and Kittens

June 20, 2007 9:47 AM

On “The View” this morning, Gayle King, sometimes known as Oprah Winfrey’s BFF, hit an annoying nail smack on the head during a “hot topic” about “The Age of Love,” the NBC summer series that pits “cougars” against “kittens” for the affection of sidelined tennis pro Mark Philippoussis.

“I don’t like any show where you have women standing there going ‘pick me, pick me, please pick me.’ ... I just don’t like women begging, because I just don’t think you should want to be with a guy who doesn’t want to be with you.”

OMGreppi thinks no one should want to be on a show that’s going to let millions of people know how low you are willing to go to get a moment on TV.

What gene is missing in someone so willing to humiliate themselves in return for time in the spotlight?

What’s wrong with viewers who can watch the self-degradation with such glee?
OMGreppi skipped “Age of Love” because she didn’t even want to see the congenitally personable Mark Consuelos embarrassing himself as host. (Indeed, Ms. King made clear that she likes Mr. Consuelos. “I like him very much. He’s married to Kelly Ripa and I like the two of them,” Ms. King said.)

On the other hand, OMGreppi must confess to getting a slightly malicious little thrill out of seeing “The View’s” young Miss Elisabeth Hasselbeck having a totally clueless moment while Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Ms. King warbled “It Must Be Him.”

“Age of Love” debuted in third place in its time slot Monday night. ‘Nuff seen, ‘nuff said?


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