Michele Greppi believes half the fun of TV is talking about it -- whether it's whining about the lame-ass finale for the once-beloved "Veronica Mars" or gushing about the kick-ass coda of "The Shield,' which lacked only one last face-to-face at which Mackey could have -- deservedly -- gone postal on Shane. Enter OMGreppi, which will focus on things that were said or seen on TV in the previous 24 hours or so that had Ms. Greppi exclaiming or muttering "omigawd!" at her 24/7 television set.


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Say What????!!!!???

June 26, 2007 8:43 AM

OMGreppi was, she is sad to say, awake at 4 a.m. (Eastern) when the breaking news alert from ABC News set off the buzzer on her BlackBerry: “AFTER 23 DAYS IN AN L.A. COUNTY JAIL PARIS HILTON WAS RELEASED.”

Less than a half-hour later, Taina Hernandez, informed viewers of ABC’s “World News Now,” that mama Kathy Hilton had arrived at the jail to pick up daughter Paris. “Looks like the release will be imminent,” said Ms. Hernandez.

Down, inner lexicologist-grammarian, down. She could have said “was imminent.”

And to think that the overnight newscast’s announcer had just read an e-mail that said the once-smart program should be re-titled “World Fluff Story Now” and that someone running the show should rent “Network.”

Ms. Hernandez’s baby-faced co-anchor Ryan Owens, joked that the e-mail was from his mother and he had asked her to be more creative if she was going to write to the show. “ ‘World Fluff Story News’? I mean, come on. I expect better.”

So did fans of the original “World News Now,” until it became painfully clear that witty repartee was no longer a skill required of or desired in its co-anchors—there will never be as ineffable a pairing as Anderson Cooper and Alison Stewart in 2000.

So the sleep-disturbed who know that the competing “Up to the Minute” on CBS doesn’t rise to the level of sleep-inducing, have learned to watch “WNN” for the repeats of “Nightline” segments and hit mute during any attempt at extemporaneous conversation.

The other alternative, checking out replays of cable news channel shows, can doom any attempt to fall back asleep.

“There’s no question that Ms. Hilton has been glorified by many in the media, and that is a bad thing,” declared “The O’Reilly Factor’s” Bill O’Reilly, introducing a segment in which just how bad was about to be made clear.

Funny, “Larry King Live” guest host Harvey Levin, repeatedly made clear Monday night just what a journalistic coup Mr. King had achieved in landing the first post-jail TV interview with Ms. Hilton after Team Hilton blew deals with ABC and NBC.

“Larry King is the man,” Mr. Levin said. “This interview is a big deal and Larry King got it.”

This was after he had moderated a round of reports from Canton, Ohio, about first appearance in court of a cop accused of killing the woman nine months pregnant with their second illegitimate child and the woman charged with obstructing the investigation.

A quick read of the transcript of Monday night’s “Larry King” will show that coherence and credibility were not a requirement to be booked for either the Canton or the Hilton segment.

OMGreppi got writer’s cramp scribbling down OMG quotes (and got positively dizzy when trying to capture what was said by Brody (“Princes of Malibu”) Jenner, whose MySpace page lists his occupation as “hustler”).

“Good for Larry King,” said “Extra TV” Tanika Ray, from outside the jail that still contained Ms. Hilton at the time. “He’s going to be talking to her on Wednesday and that will answer a lot of questions.”

And probably reiterate a lot more.

OMGreppi and others waiting for the “why” of all this might as well be waiting for Godot.

Or for “American Morning” on CNN Tuesday, when a live segment-opening shot, clearly labeled “LAX” was explained by Kiran Chetry as “a beautiful shot. LAX, I’m assuming, since there’s a big L-A-A [sic] followed by an X.”


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