Michele Greppi believes half the fun of TV is talking about it -- whether it's whining about the lame-ass finale for the once-beloved "Veronica Mars" or gushing about the kick-ass coda of "The Shield,' which lacked only one last face-to-face at which Mackey could have -- deservedly -- gone postal on Shane. Enter OMGreppi, which will focus on things that were said or seen on TV in the previous 24 hours or so that had Ms. Greppi exclaiming or muttering "omigawd!" at her 24/7 television set.


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In the 'Big Brother' 'Hood

July 5, 2007 7:51 AM

Ohmygawd, OMGreppi can hardly wait until 8 tonight for the season premiere of “Big Brother 8.”

It is the guiltiest of guilty pleasures. The reality-show gift that keeps on giving.

One show. Three nights on CBS. Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday. Twenty-four hours on the Internet, thanks to the HOW MANY cameras that guarantee the HouseGuests – 14 to start and then one voted out each Thursday in a live nail-biter hosted by the wardrobe-enabled Julie Chen -- can run their mouths and their scams but they can’t hide.

And now, OMG, three hours per night on CBS’s cable sister channel Showtime Too, of live voyeurism starting at midnight. That’s going to be a break for OMGreppi’s old bones, which can only take so many hours at the computer – although the latest RealPlayer is warmed up for the Web watch, is the most addictive people-watching ever. And the link to mortystv.com’s ‘round-the-clock, running blog about what’s going on, is secure.
In this year’s human ant farm are only four “older” HouseGuests: a 44-year-old heavily tattooed L.A. bartender who is (surprise!) single; a 37-year-old Oregon woman described as a business owner; a 30-year-old graphic designer from Burbank; and a 28-year-old school counselor (what’s wrong with this picture?) who also appears to be the only African-American in the cast. Among the youngsters are a Jordin Sparks look-alike; a 20-year-old Elisha Cuthbert look-alike; a 22-year-old Todd Oldham look-alike; a 23-year-old Michael Rapaport look-alike; and a 25-year-old “former pro football player.”

One of the HouseGuests has been selected to do what the viewers tell him to do at the end of each episode starting Sunday, a role that may or may not help him or her last, and a role that is not supposed to be known to the others in the house.

The other twist is that some HouseGuests will find themselves sequestered with an “enemy.” OMGreppi think she has identified one of the tense male twosomes, but she might just be reading too much into mug shots and geographic similarities.

We’ll see. We’ll see it all.


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