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After 'Today's' Murdoch Profile, a Question Arises

August 15, 2007 11:16 AM

OMGreppiHorizontal.jpgCNBC's Erin Burnett profiled News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch during the second half-hour of NBC's "Today" show Tuesday, but she neglected to note the interesting and growing conflict between News Corp. and the NBC Universal family, which includes CNBC.

The peg for the profile of Murdoch as the third-most powerful media mogul in the world and the man whose empire has been built on going "downmarket," was, of course, News Corp.'s recent acquisition of Dow Jones & Co.

But there was no mention of the fact that CNBC will be confronted with its first direct competition for business news audiences from the Fox Business Network, which News Corp. plans to launch, or that MSNBC runs a distant third to Fox News Channel, or that News Corp. and NBCU are collaborating on a TV-and-movie distribution Web site, for that matter.

That absence was a glaring one, particularly given the extremes to which NBC News is going to showcase CNBC stars almost daily on "Today" and other NBCU platforms. In addition to Ms. Burnett, CNBC's biggest star, Maria Bartiromo, also was spotlighted Tuesday in a live exchange about the volatile stock market during the first news wrap-up on "Today."

Asked about the omission of even a casual caveat that Mr. Murdoch poses a new business threat to NBCU, a "Today" spokeswoman replied: "This was a piece about Murdoch the person, not an in-depth look at his specific businesses."



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Richard Frost:


"This was a piece about Murdoch the person, not an in-depth look at his specific businesses."

Who knew that Rupert Murdoch was a person -- I thought he was a disease.


Well....they do have a point. I saw the piece, and it WAS more about him as a business man, not really News Corp or something.


How funny!!! Typical Erin (hiding the truth)!!

Dave L:

I know for sure NBC has lost it come on is the whole network going to be remakes the Today show and this or that Law & Order, well I say let them go down with ship Merdock better wake up and smell the coffee,& as for the the NHL You only have A few states who are hockey fan such as the Detroit market. Well I hope you will remember you heard it first from Dave in Detroit!!

@Richard Frost: Tch, tch, tch. "Disease"-type comments suggest you may be confusing OMGreppi with some other industry dialogue sites.
@Anonymous: If the point was merely to profile a media mogul, the piece would have been more on point if it had run on the heels of the Aug. 1 closing of the deal for Murdoch's News Corp. to acquire Dow Jones & Co., instad of three weeks later. Plus, the piece as it ran did not need the financial expertise of a business-news correspondent who will feel the competitive heat from Mr.Murdoch's imminent Fox Business Network (not mentioned at all). It could have been done by a good generalist correspondent or profiler such as Jamie Gangel.
@Kerry: Since Ms. Burnett is among the most frequent testers of cleavage boundaries, OMGreppi is not sure what you think she's hiding.
@Dave L: NHL? OMGreppi once again feels confused. But she didn't hear that first from Dave in Detroit.


I didn't see the piece, but to go with the point you made, I'm guessing the piece didn't also say that NBC and News Corp. are partners on a new video sharing venture. Actually, no one seems to remember that when writing about CNBC vs. Fox Business News. No one also seems to be able to figure out that Rupert will find a way to end the WSJ-CNBC deal sooner rather than later. Whether it's Fox picking up some Univesal pilots or Star carrying some NBC channel overseas, there will be a backroom deal to free up WSJ for Fox Business News.


what's the point in Erin's need to mention their competitor?The fact that she did profile Murdoch is more than enough...she doesn't need to mention it!!!Otherwise,it's like telling the whole world "go watch our new competitor,the Fucks Business Channel"...did I spell it write?
Erin is the best anchor there in...beauty and brains and she isn't afraid to speak her mind out regardless.Go girl!Also,she makes it easy for the viewers to understand complicated topics about stocks,investing,...etc especially for those in the know-how.


I'm not surprised Erin left out that information. When she worked at Bloomberg TV, she interviewed the CFO of Citigroup and never once disclosed that SHE used to work for Citi.


Egads, how petty. Should Erin have mentioned some of what is mentioned above? Perhaps. I just don't know how long the Citi interview and Murdoch piece was. Erin didn't mention the obvious, no big deal.

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