Diane Gordon

Diane Gordon has an extensive background spanning a diverse career in the
entertainment industry. Following her graduation from UCLA, Gordon began
the first chapter of her journey in the Paramount Pictures mailroom and
story department. After that, Gordon went on to work at NBC and Columbia
Pictures TV in Current Programs, where she immersed herself in the nuances
of developing and producing TV shows. After attending countless table
reads, runthroughs and tapings, her devotion to TV was permanent. She moved
on to Warner Bros. TV to work with Marta Kauffman and David Crane when they
produced an ABC pilot COUPLES and the CBS comedy FAMILY ALBUM. Broadening
her breadth of knowledge, Gordon joined 3 Arts Entertainment, working in
both the talent and lit arenas of the business, handling day to day
coordination for clients and covering the TV landscape to keep the managers
informed. It was through the TV intel collected for managers and executives
that Gordon first encountered the inspiration for THE SURF REPORT. It
wasn’t long before THE SURF REPORT evolved into an entertaining medium for
keeping co-workers informed about what was good, bad and ugly on TV, and
with the viral nature of email, it took on a life of its own. Today, THE
SURF REPORT is sent directly to studio and network executives, producers,
writers, directors, actors as well as the agents, managers, lawyers and
assistants who make the industry run. In a business fueled by information,
THE SURF REPORT has become an invaluable and reliable source of
entertainment news for the influencers and power brokers shaping the
industry and Gordon is known as a passsionate advocate of great TV and the
people who produce it.

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