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‘Idol’ Lifts ‘Lyrics,’ Sinks ‘Lost’

February 29, 2008 11:49 AM

“Lost” and “Celebrity Apprentice” posted season-low ratings Thursday, while “American Idol” gave yet another lead-out a series high.

A special Thursday edition of “Idol” was No. 1 for the night, with a 9.1 in the 18- to 49-year-old demographic, according to preliminary Nielsen numbers. That’s up 7% from last week.

“Idol” also boosted its lead-out, “Don’t Forget the Lyrics,” to a series-high 5.2. “Idol” did the same thing Wednesday with its lead-out “Back to You.”

Fox finished first with a 7.2, the highest Thursday night for the network in nearly a year.

CBS finished second with a 3.3, anchored by a new episode of “Survivor: Micronesia” (4.2), up 2% from last week.

A new episode of “Lost” (5.4) helped ABC take a close third (3.2), but “Lost” put up its worst ratings this season, dipping 5% from last week. “Eli Stone” (2.7) did improve from last week (2.5).

NBC (2.5) dropped into the fourth spot, with new showings of “Celebrity Apprentice” (3.1) and “Lipstick Jungle” (2.5). “Apprentice” also had its worst showing this season.

The CW (0.6) ran repeats of “Smallville” (0.7) and “Reaper” (0.6), the latter in its time-period premiere.


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Is there any data on Lost DVR viewing? I, and few people I know, record Lost and watch it either later in the night or over the weekend. It seems like this bump them just a little... But heaven forbid we abandon overnights because viewers want to watch things when they please....


Lost's episode was amazing, one of the best ever. I watched it a day late, and many others will watch it this weekend, when they choose to. It's sad that this amazing show takes hits from headlines like yours because people can now watch shows later than the broadcast time. This also points to the dumbing down of America, but that's another thread.


are people still watching american idol? wow that show is so lame


Almost everyone I know is completely riveted to Lost this season!! In addition, most of us watch it after the show has aired. The ratings systems must change to try and accommodate TiVo, online viewing, itunes, etc.
As an avid Lost fan, I will say 'hats off' to the producers, et. al. ~ this season rocks!

One of the problems with Lost is that it actually needs viewers with a little bit of intelligence, as opposed to Idol, which any lame brain can understand.

I also agree with the other comments. The ratings need to reflect DVR's as many of us are now watching the episode's at our leisure and spinning thru the commercials.

Lost is great this season!


If you have a "little bit of intelligence" you won't be watching LOST either. That show jumped the shark early last season. Alternatively pathetically predictable, then overtly obtuse, this isn't an exercise in story-telling, it's an exercise in delaying tatics.

Don't blame the article for the "hits" LOST is taking. The error in your presumption that TIVO, podcasts etc. takes away viewership form LOST...get real. People TIVO EVERYTHING. A rising tide floats all ships. Unless it's anchored to the bottom. Lost is toast. If it comes back next year, I'll be surprised.
The last two episdoes THIS season will probably piss off the rest of the audience.

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