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‘Quarterlife’ Stumbles in TV Debut

February 27, 2008 11:55 AM

Some NBC execs are incredibly relieved over the end of the writers strike, especially since the debut of the navel-gazing twentysomething drama “Quarterlife,” repurposed from MySpace during the strike, put up the worst performance in the Tuesday 10 p.m. time slot that NBC has seen in nearly 17 years.

“Quarterlife” clocked in with a 1.6 in the 18- to 49-year-old age group, according to preliminary Nielsen research, down 39% from the previous four-week average in that time period, mainly held by “Law & Order: SVU.”

New episodes of “Jericho” (2.2) and “Primetime: What Would You Do?” (2.9) handily beat the premiere.

Meanwhile, “Idol” was top-rated on yet another Tuesday (11.0), but down 3% from last week’s two hour show. Due to the “Idol” lead-in, a special “Back to You” (4.5) had its best numbers to date.

Fox finished first for the night with a 9.4.

Despite “Quarterlife’s” stumble, NBC placed second overall with a 2.6, helped by a new episode of “The Biggest Loser: Couples” (3.1), down a mere 6% from last week.

CBS was third (2.3), with an “NCIS” rerun (2.1) and new episodes of “Big Brother” (2.6) and “Jericho” (2.2). Both “Brother” and “Jericho” posted increases from last week, up 37% and 10%, respectively.

ABC took fourth (1.8) with tepid showings from two episodes of “Just for Laughs” (1.2, 1.3), “According to Jim” (1.4) and “Carpoolers” (1.2).

“What Would You Do?” was the star of the night for ABC, improving the previous four-week average by 81%.

The CW (1.1) was fifth with a repeat of “Reaper” (0.7) and a new episode of “One Tree Hill” (1.4). “Hill” was up slightly from last week (1.3), and tied its second-best showing this season.

UPDATED, 4:41 p.m.: "Quarterlife" actually dipped lower than the preliminary numbers totaled, ending up with a 1.3, according to Nielsen numbers.


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Comments (9)


I watched quarterlife last night and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! I am nearly 24 and I felt like everything they were saying was exactly what I was going through. Loved loved loved it!!


I loved quarterlife last night too! I'm 26 and it was like hanging out with my friends.


I am really glad it was picked up by a major network. I truely enjoy the show,


I really hope they don't get rid of this show! I really enjoyed it!

Andy S.:

Hey, that's pretty cool. All three "Quarterlife" viewers posted!


I loved Quarterlife!! I hope the Sunday night slot does well!!


Good to hear Jericho was up a bit... that's encouraging... hopefully enuf 18-49 yo watched to convince CBS to renew it again!


I am so bummed that quaterlife didn't do well. It is really a good show. Of course everyone was watching stupid American Idol. Hopefully they give it another try.

Apres Ski:

I liked QL! Why wasn't anybody watching it? I like Jericho as well, but I tape everything so I can do the laundry & watch it later. I don't think they did enough marketing to let people know, it was new, it wasn't a repeat.

And of course, it may have been boring because most have watched it online already. Maybe next week it will pick up on both counts.

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