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‘New Amsterdam’ Slips From Tuesday

March 7, 2008 11:29 AM

“American Idol” turned it up slightly from last week, while its lead-out, “New Amsterdam,” floundered Thursday in its second airing on Fox.

Unsurprisingly, “American Idol” was Thursday’s highest-rated show, with a 9.3 in the 18- to 49-year-old demographic, up 2% from last week.

“New Amsterdam” (3.6) didn’t fare so well. It dropped 20% from its Tuesday premiere (which also followed “Idol”), it retained only 39% of the “Idol” audience and it was down 31% in the ratings from last week’s time-slot occupant, “Don’t Forget the Lyrics.”

Fox was still No. 1 for the night, with a 6.5.

“Lost” on ABC tied last week’s showing with a 5.4 and was the second highest rated program for the night. “Eli Stone” (2.6) was up slightly from last week. Those scores were good enough to put ABC in second place with a 3.3.

CBS took third place (3.0) with “Survivor” (4.0) and repeats. Down 5% from last week and facing stiff competition from “Idol,” “Survivor” posted a series-low rating last night (excluding specials).

“Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC was up a modest 13% from last week with a 3.5, tying its previous season average. “Lipstick Jungle” (2.4) was down 4% from last week.

NBC was in the No. 4 spot for the night with a 2.6.

The CW aired repeats and was fifth (0.8).


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Siting New Amsterdam's drop in ratings from a relatively vacant Tuesday night at 9PM airtime to the most crowded Thursday 9PM slot is hardly "floundering." But quibbling regarding overly-melodramatic verbiage aside, we'll have to see how Amsterdam does on Mondays at 9PM to see whether this surprisingly intriguing series might be back next season.

Even before the premier, viewers realized that New Amsterdam obviously compares in plot, tone, storyline and feel to the sensational series Moonlight. But it only took a single viewing to realize New Amsterdam pales in any comparison. Viewers aren't coming back.

The show lacks the romance, the passion and appeal of the lead characters that makes Moonlight (potentially) one of the greatest series and biggest hits of 2007/2008.

Now, if only the network executives would get their heads out of their.... errr... out of the sand and greenlight Moonlight for a full 2008-09 season, the series could begin to fulfill its potential.


I somewhat agree with Wizard. The show pales in comparison to Moonlight but it's entertaining and still better than most of the total idiocy on TV.


I really liked "New Amsterdam" - the 2nd episode was better than the 1st. Yeah, it is a detective show with an immortal, but I like detective shows and stories about immortals. Although the premise isn't new, the writers are at least freshening it w/ the personal relationships - Omar (son w/ African American wife @ WWII). Granted, it was in the past, but there aren't a lot of existing shows that even have interracial relationships w/ main character. I am addicted to "Lost" and I didn't watch it on Thursday night so I could watch the 2nd episode of "New Amsterdam"! I want Fox to renew it.


I was having a hard time remembering New Amsterdam's plot line before the last (3rd) episode, and commented to my wife that it must not have been that great of a pilot. Then she pointed out I had already watched 2 episodes. Not good.

It's an OK show, but it's not exciting enough to be action, emotional enough to be drama, and the jokes (mostly about being 400 years old) are already getting hackneyed. I might watch it if I happen to be sitting on the couch at the time, but I don't catch the next episode, I probably won't even notice. I think 3 episodes was giving it a fair shake, too.

Jan :

I personally liked both shows, but thought New Amsterdam had a little more kick to it. I was very sad to see it go, but as in the life of most really good original shows (such as the recent cancellation of Kyle XY, ABC Family's ONLY good original show ever), the networks don't want any part of that.
As to the perceived lower ratings of New Amsterdam, I would think it would be impossible to get a true read on the ratings of any show on FOX as long as they continue to bump shows around to every night of the week and constantly pre-empt them in favor of the ridiculous American Idol.

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