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CBS’ Dramas Hold Steady; ‘Survivor’ Sinks

April 4, 2008 12:00 PM


CBS’ dramas returned to business as usual on Thursday, landing near their previous season-average ratings, while “Survivor” bottomed out.

“CSI” posted a 5.8 rating/15 share in the 18- to 49-year-old demographic, according to preliminary Nielsen ratings. That’s up 16% from its last original broadcast in January, which was a Thursday series low.

“Without a Trace” (4.1/11) fared better, jumping 21% from its last original episode.

“Survivor” (3.9/11) hit a Thursday series low, not counting Thanksgiving, for an original episode.

CBS won the night with a 4.6/13.

Second-place Fox (2.9/8) ran back-to-back episodes of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” (2.8/8, 3.0/8), which were slightly above par.

“My Name Is Earl” (3.1/9) returned to NBC (2.6/7), holding close to its previous season average. NBC padded out the night with two hours of “The Office.”

As “Lost” entered a second week of repeats, its lead-ins and lead-outs have definitely suffered as ABC (1.5/4) took fourth place.

“Miss Guided” (1.5/5, 1.6/4) fell 25% and 24% from last week to end the season with a series low. “Eli Stone” (1.6/4) also posted a series low, ending up a distant third against “The Office” and an original “Without a Trace.”

The CW (0.8/2) was in repeats.

Odds and Ends:

- MyNet continues a trend, adding an eighth week to “Jail’s” streak of 1+ household ratings, a first for the fledgling network.

- DeadlineHollywoodDaily’s Nikki Finke was wrong about her suspicion last week on the confusing Jeff Zucker cold opening to “My Name Is Earl,” as it ran unedited yesterday. She bet last week that it wouldn’t.

I talked about it last week here. The opening itself is also located there.

- Here’s what’s coming back in originals next week:

ABC has “Samantha Who?” on Monday and “Boston Legal” on Tuesday. NBC is bringing back the Thursday night gang with “The Office,” “Scrubs,” “30 Rock” and “ER.” Tonight is new for CBS with “Ghost Whisperer” and “Numb3rs,” while “NCIS” is back on Tuesday.


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Good luck to the returning series and their new episodes over the weeks to come on all the networks. God knows the industry needs to quickly compile some great numbers before the Summer Solstice.

"Survivor" is having a hard time staying alive? Good, that one should have perished at it's presentation to CBS brass.

Stop and think about it. Lets take a group of fame/money seekers and place them in a series of made up situations which could bring about bodily harm or injury. Having willingly placed themselves in jeopardy, we, the audience, are supposed to develop empathy for these fools in their self-inflicted state of woe, cheer them on through their conflict with, and degrading of, their competition in order to win money. Short of actual murder, no holds barred.

There are better examples of the human condition/evolution, circa 2008. Let's give them valuable network air time.
Peter Bright

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