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Ratings Chart Attack!

Coping With Ratings Delays

April 30, 2008 3:22 PM

Those desperate to know how well Tuesday’s all-Neil Diamond version of “American Idol” did against “Dancing With the Stars” will need to hold their horses.

Nielsen said they are having “processing issues” and cannot release Tuesday’s ratings until tomorrow morning. Those fast nationals aren’t so fast, are they?

While you’re waiting, why not look into the Paula Abdul-inspired “Idol” gaffe from last night? Judges gave their remarks to the contestants at the halfway point of the show, firing-line style. Ms. Abdul was a little confused and flustered over the break from the standard performance/critique format. So she tore down Jason Castro’s second song of the night, despite the fact that Mr. Castro had only sung one song.

Awkward silence and stifled laughter ensued. Check out the moving pictures below for what happened, and I’ll be back tomorrow with Tuesday’s (and hopefully Wednesday’s) ratings.


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