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Big ‘Deal’ Not Paying Off for NBC

May 8, 2008 12:38 PM

DealThe veritable gimmick month that “Deal or No Deal” is going through hasn’t been doing well, as “Deal” tied its worst performance ever in the ratings.

In recent weeks, “Deal” has brought on spring break partiers, Chewbacca and the president of the United States, all to lackluster numbers. Last night, host Howie Mandel dealt in Estonia, posting a 1.8 rating/5 share in the 18- to 49-year-old demographic, according to preliminary Nielsen data.

The show slipped 10% week-to-week, and was the third lowest rated show for Wednesday. “Deal” didn’t help lead-out “Law & Order” (2.8/8), which dipped to a season low. NBC finished third for the night with a 2.2/6.

Fox’s (5.0/14) “American Idol” (8.0/20) won again in convincing fashion, despite being down 5% from last week. “Back to You” (2.0/6) slipped 23% to join the ranks of several other shows this month that reached a series low. “’Til Death” (1.9/6) was down a tick from last week.

Prime-time “The Price Is Right” on Wednesdays continued its disappointing returns, tying its 1.7/5 from last week. When it aired in prime-time on Fridays, “Price” posted ratings 29% higher than its Wednesday showings.

“Criminal Minds” (3.1/8) dipped 6% and “CSI: NY” (3.3/9) rose a tick from last week. CBS ended up second for the night with a 2.7/7.

ABC’s (2.1/6) “Wife Swap” (2.5/8) posted a gain of 14%, winning the 8 p.m. hour. “Supernanny” declined 14% to a 1.9/5, a low not seen since October 2005 when the show ran on Fridays. A Barbara Walters special (2.0/5) finished last in the 10 p.m. time slot.

“America’s Next Top Model” (2.0/6) on The CW (1.5/4) stayed steady from last week in 18-49, but took a rocky 21% dip in the network’s target demo of 18-34 (1.9/7). “Farmer Wants a Wife” (1.0/2) was flat from last week.

Odds and Ends:

- Spanish-language Univision tends to get overlooked in terms of ratings coverage, but it consistently beats English-speaking broadcast networks on a nightly basis. Look for Univision numbers to appear more regularly in this blog. Speaking of which, Univision ended the night with a 1.8/5 (which would be 20% higher than The CW), up a tick from last week.

- While it might not seem like it, we’re right in the middle of May sweeps. As of day 13 of the sweep (the period runs April 24-May 22 this time around), Fox is leading in the 18- to 49-year-old demo with a 3.8/11 average, down 11% from last year. Fox is the closest to its mark from last year, with the other broadcast nets down nearly 17% from 2007.


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David L:


JB Phoenix:

Watch the Australian version of Deal or No Deal. The show's daily format lends itself to a dedicated fan base. Host Andrew O'Keefe is charismatic and fun. Audience members are randomly incorporated into the show lending an every-man quality that has made it very popular since it was introduced in 2003. Why do American television producers insist on giving every spinoff the Hollywood treatment with NFL-style graphics and uninteresting hosts?

News Director:

Well, when you put shows up against "Idol", yeah, you're gonna get spanked.
"Deal" will bounce back after the May sweeps, and "Price" will likely find its audience, once that audience finds the show has moved from Friday to Wednesday.


If the ratings stink on Wednesdays, maybe both shows should return to Fridays. Both "TPiR" and "DoND" are at least PG-rated, not shocking at all and are entertaining for the entire family.

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