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More Viewers for ‘Idol’ Than Other Networks Combined

May 22, 2008 12:33 PM

IdolFox steamrollered the competition Wednesday as another season of “American Idol” came to close with ratings numbers similar to last season’s finish.

“Idol” posted an 11.0/29 according to preliminary Nielsen numbers, which is on par with last year’s finale. “Idol” ran from 8 to 10:06 p.m. Prelim numbers are based on time periods, rather than program averages, so these numbers will change when final numbers are released later today.

Fox beat up on the competition, besting the combined total of the other networks by 77%.

Surprisingly, other shows were airing last night, too. CBS (2.7/7) ran “The Price Is Right Primetime” (1.8/5), up 29% from last week. “Criminal Minds” (3.3/8) and “CSI: NY” (3.1/8) ended their seasons to subpar numbers. “Criminal” aired its fourth lowest rated episode, while “CSI: NY” had its second lowest.

NBC (1.7/4) aired “Law & Order” repeats, along with a season finale at 10 p.m. The finale racked in a 2.5/7, fifth-worst performance for the show.

“Boston Legal” (1.5/4) wrapped up its season on ABC (1.2/3) to its worst showing ever, down 35% from last week.

The CW (0.6/2) was in repeats.

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