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'90210' Gives CW First Place in Ratings

September 3, 2008 8:36 AM


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The CW's series premiere of “90210” set network records, handily beating Monday’s much-ballyhooed “Gossip Girl” return.

“90210” brought in 4.9 million viewers, 1.5 million viewers more than yesterday’s “Girl” premiere. The show also captured a 4.3 rating/12 share in The CW’s target demographic of women 18-34, up 34% over “Girl.”

The CW finished No. 1 in adults 18-49 years old, a rarity for the network outside of Friday.

“Girl” set several show bests during its premiere on Monday, including ratings in adults 18-34 year old and women 18-34.

Comparatively, “90210” beat premieres of several shows in total viewers including “Veronica Mars,” “One Tree Hill,” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

In the women 18-34 year old category, “90210” overtook “The OC,” “Smallville,” “Angel,” “Gilmore Girls” and “Dawson’s Creek.”


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Comments (7)

Great back to back nights for the CW led by very effective promotion for both shows.

Now the key question is whether 90210 and Gossip Girl can hold their momentum with ongoing spots to maintain a high degree of interest.


"90210" was a pre-sold franchise that has a built-in fanbase. Of the shows you mentioned, only "Buffy" could expect anywhere near the kind of reception that "90210" could -- and even that's sort of a stretch.

The show will be cancelled in 12 episodes or less. A huge percentage of people tuning in were nostalgia fans and they weren't given enough attention to stick around. And the kids stuff has a weirdly 90's-era grunge Gen-X earnest moralism that seems out of place in our metaworld.

Re: Gossip Girl. Had a very good run of about 5 episodes last year. Not a good premiere this year. But those writers seem to know what their audience wants, and will hopefully recover quickly.

Screen Writer Inc:

It would have been nice if the CW had used this as a means to promote other CW programing like Supernatural, but I saw not one mention of that show or any other CW program other than the new show that will follow 90201, the name escapes me even though it was promoted at every commercial break.
My 13 year old son thought 90201 was stupid and we turn it off after the first hour and watched some of the season three dvd collection of Supernatural. The local Best Buy had sold out of all copies of Supernatural except for one copy that was miss filed. That seems to indicate to me that if a series' dvd collection sells out the first day it is released , then there must be some viewers out there. But of course the CW ignores the best program on their schedule. I would love to see what kind of ratings 90201 or Gossip Girl receives in Supernatural's battle zone time slot.


Though I am surprised to hear that 90210 was evidently not used to promote other fare, Screenwriter Inc(and agree that Supernatural is a good show), I'm not sure why you are so troubled. Supernatural will take care of itself, at this point . . . or not. The time period and day are to its advantage. Thursday is one of the most watched nights on television, and everybody gets pretty good demographic ratings (You really aren't going to beat CSI and Grey's in "bulk" ratings, for now, but Thursday is instant money night because of the relatively large audience, including younger viewers, which spreads out well over the available offerings. I think 90210 would love to be there in a few months). You are clearly concerned about Supernatural's future. You may have cause to be when Smallville goes away, and if The CW does experience success from this dedicated "young and female" drama approach to programming. That would likely mean more of the same. Personally, I hope Reaper does well on its return at midseason. It's probably the only hope we have to avoid a GG spin-off combined with another young female targeted drama in September 2009. I still have hopes for The CW. It does need a major hit (or two) to survive, though. Maybe 90210 is a start. When you look around the dial, reality seems to be the way to go. What would they have given up to come up with the obnoxiously bad but popular "America's Got Talent" or any dancing competition? or even "Deal or No Deal?" The world, I'd say (or at least Everybody Hates Chris). I feel that we need The CW to survive, if only for the sake of variety. But it really needs to start taking the business of programming more seriously. Stop living in the past of The WB and UPN (PLEASE!). Get aggressive. If someone brings the next CSI, House, Lost, Desperate Housewives, American Idol (you wish!), or Two and half Men to your door, don't turn it away just because it isn't set in (an upper class) high school.


The new kids are awful.. However, I think that the high numbers are due to the fact that us loyal fans from the original returned. I did not like the Brenda Kelly reunion. After so many years of waiting for this -all we get is a 10 sec hug and a 15 sec catch up. Thumbs down. I hope they give Kelly and Brenda more screen time. They are the stars of the show. They will do to 90210 what Heather Locklear did to Melrose Place- high ratings. They should of just made 90210 an adult soap opera like Melrose Place ..


Like alot of others who tuned in, I was curious because I was a fan of the old show. But after only 30 minutes I changed the station. I thought the new show was stupid and I did not like the acting or the charaters. A dissapointment for me. An adopted black kid and the kids are hating moving to beverly hills for the main entry. Complaining and wining likes spoiled brats, not exciting but irritating! It was just boring.


I have to say I liked the first hour but the second hour was slightly boring. Yes there were pure moments of stupidity but I have to say I may be a 50% fan of the new show.

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