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Emmys Take a Dive in Ratings

September 22, 2008 9:53 AM

EmmysMore wasn’t merrier, as the five-host setup of ABC’s “The 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards” sent the awardscast to a ratings low not seen since 1992.

Drawing a 3.8 rating/9 share in the 18- to 49-year-old demographic, the Emmys dipped 12% from last year’s telecast, against competition from a strong football game on NBC, according to preliminary Nielsen data.

NBC’s coverage of the NFL game between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys caught a 7.8/19, up 8% from last week’s Steelers-Browns matchup.

NBC took first place last night with a 6.7/17, followed by ABC’s 3.2/8 and CBS’ 2.8/7. Both NBC’s and CBS’ data are approximate due to live events.


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Next year, just get Tony Romo to host! Ratings fixed! How less is truly more!

Not to mention ESPN's coverage of the last game ever at Yankee Stadium at the same time.

RJ Arrowood:

The opening was abomnable. I was embarrased for the tag team of hosts. But then, I can't say it was much worse than the past few years.

The last truly entertaining Emmy broadcast was the 2001 show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres in 2001.

Chris Kerry:

What do you expect. With all the left wing B/S on the air today, who could not expect viewers to tune into alternative programming. I prefer good clean outdoor programming like Simply Fishing, seen on Fox. Sorry, that's just the way I feel. The west coast hippies of the television industry will wake up some day only to find they have TURNED OFF their viewers. What will that do to ad revenues?

This was 10-minutes of worthwhile TV, squeezed into 3-hours of mind-crushing banality. If this is truly the best we can expect from those considered by Emmy to be the cream of the industry...we're doomed! :(

Tom Bergeron should have been the solo host...His already great display on live television has exhibited his fast wit, an ablity to keep a show moving, spontaneity abounds without ever making a show about him.

The show looked great, classy set, well directed, it needed entertainment peppered throughout...
Peter Bright

Phil K:

Why do people like Chris have to characterize everything as a war between the righteous right-wing and the evil rest of the world? Your politics don'tinterest us.
Just say you don't like something, give some real reasons why, and knock of the politicizing.

People like you are so wound up you can't enjoy anything.

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