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Ratings Chart Attack!

Flash Ratings Chart for Sept. 22, 2008

September 23, 2008 11:55 AM

Prime Time Preliminary Monday Ratings

Eight premieres dotted the broadcast landscape last night, with "Heroes" sliding 25% from its previous opening last year, while CBS grabbed the nightly win thanks to its comedy block. This is the first time since 2002 that CBS has won premiere-week Monday in adults 18-49. Thanks to the season debut of "Dancing With the Stars," ABC averaged 17.2 million total viewers, its highest Monday premiere since 1999.









4.3 / 11

Dancing With the Stars

5.3 / 13

21.1 mil

Boston Legal

2.5 / 6

9.4 mil


4.5 / 11

Big Bang Theory

3.6 / 10

9.4 mil

How I Met Your Mother

4.0 / 10

9.7 mil

Two and a Half Men

5.3 / 12

14.9 mil

Worst Week

3.8 / 9

11 mil

CSI: Miami

5.1 / 12

16.9 mil


4.1 / 10

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

2.2 / 6

5.8 mil

Prison Break

2.5 / 6

5.9 mil

No Programming


2.4 / 6

Heroes: Countdown

2.6 / 7

6 mil


4.9 / 12

9.9 mil


1.5 / 4

Gossip Girl

1.6 / 4

3.4 mil

One Tree Hill

1.5 / 3

3.1 mil

No Programming

Source: Nielsen Media Research

*Ratings are specified in the 18-to 49-year-old demographic and viewership in P2+.

A note about ratings: Ratings are expressed as percentages of Nielsen's estimated 112.8 million U.S. television households. The first number, the rating, is a percentage of households tuned into a specific program at a specific time.

The second number, the share, is a percentage of households with televisions in use tuned into that same program. For example, if a show obtains a 10.2/16, this means that 10.2% of all U.S. households tuned into the program at some point during the broadcast. Meanwhile, 16% of all households watching television during the time period viewed the program at some point. Ratings are broken down further by demographic, as networks sell advertising time based on the makeup of the audience.


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Is it just me or was HEROES just not that good. This storyline is really getting stale. Three years of Syler going after Claire? Either I'm tired or the show is.....

Am I wrong?

And the HEROES COUNTDOWN Show was abysmal. It was so horrifically bad it had to really hurt the actual premier.

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