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How Does 'Fringe' Debut Rank in Abrams' Oeuvre?

September 10, 2008 9:08 AM

FringeIn the J.J. Abrams spectrum, “Fringe’s” debut beat “Felicity” and “What About Brian?” in terms of premiere numbers, but Abrams-created powerhouses like “Lost” and “Alias” tower over the launch.

“Fringe’s” premiere, with its preliminary 3.2 rating/9 share in the 18- to 49-year-old demographic and 9 million viewers, overtook The WB’s “Felicity,” created by Mr. Abrams, by 14% in ratings and nearly 2 million more viewers.

ABC’s “What About Brian,” executive produced by Abrams and launched in April 2006, nearly ties the “Fringe” premiere numbers, with 3.2/8 and 7.1 million.

How did “Fringe” fair against Mr. Abrams’ staple, ABC's “Lost”? “Lost’s” premiere in 2004 drew a 6.8/20, more than double “Fringe's” debut, and an audience of 18.7 million.

As for the rest of the Abrams stable, “Alias” in 2001 brought in a 6.2/14 with 15 million viewers, while the short-lived ABC show “Six Degrees,” executive produced by Mr. Abrams, took in a 5.4/14 and 12.6 million.

In fairness to “Fringe,” however, it is important to point out that “Fringe” premiered relatively early this season, while “Lost,” “Six Degrees,” “Alias” and “Felicity” launched later in September, when television use is generally higher.

Also, due to the irregular run time of “Fringe” (8-9:35 p.m.), its ratings are approximate until final ratings are released later today.


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Comments (5)

I'm surprised by the low number on Fringe, but then again, that pilot wasn't new to many Abram's fans. The pilot aired at Comic Con, it was leaked on to the internet, could it be a victim of it's own "over hyped" ad campaign?

It will be interesting to see how the numbers look after the show has had a chance to settle in.


To the intolerant reader who couldn't recognize a typo when he saw one:

"Abrams'fans" or I suppose it could be "Abrams fans"

Is that better?


Fringe was "over hyped"? I didn't hear any hype. I saw ads. But no more or less then other shows out there. I did watch Fringe, but had to actually make note to do so, because I couldn't remember and had to seek out the information. If it was "over hyped", it would have been burned in my brain. What did I think about the show? It was alright.


This X-Files rip-off is clumsy, poorly acted, and poorly written. Between the soap opera-esque acting, scientific mumbo-jumbo and conveniently elastic narrative, I was utterly disappointed. The X-Files legacy is securely intact.


After a few months of watching this show...I am hooked! Best new show of the season.

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