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Ratings Woes Continue for ‘Heroes’

October 7, 2008 12:15 PM

NBC’s “Heroes” continued to slide week-to-week in the ratings, while CBS’ comedy block enjoyed a bump in its numbers from last Monday.

“Heroes” drew a 3.9 rating/9 share in the 18- to 49-year-old demographic, according to preliminary Nielsen Media Research figures.


The show declined13% from last week, marking Monday’s episode as the lowest-rated original episode to date.

“Chuck” (2.2/6) slipped 19% from last week’s premiere, and “Life” (2.3/6) declined by 15%. Last night’s “Chuck” was the show’s worst original rating to date.

NBC placed third with a 2.8/7.

CBS’ comedies made gains from last Monday, as “The Big Bang Theory” (3.6/10), “How I Met Your Mother” (4.0/10), “Two and a Half Men” (5.1/12) and “Worst Week” (3.0/7) all improved their ratings. “Theory” and “Men” rose 9%, “Mother” improved 8% and “Week” increased by 3%.

Despite the increase, “Week” did lose 41% of its “Men” lead-in.

“CSI: Miami” (3.9/10) declined 11% from last week’s showing. CBS took first place for the night with a 3.9/10.

ABC came in a close second with a 3.7/9. “Dancing with the Stars” (4.4/11) held steady from last week’s performance, while “Boston Legal” (2.4/6) rebounded 20%.

At fourth-place Fox, with a 2.2/6 for the night, “Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles” (2.3/6) improved 15% week to week. “Prison Break” (2.2/5) moved upward by one tenth of a ratings point.

The CW aired repeats, pulling in a 0.8/2.


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Comments (6)

Phil K:

They need to hang in there with Heroes-they will get a huge ratings bunp once Zachary Quinto appears as the new Spock in the next ST movie in May...


Shame about Heroes' ratings slide; they've really found their footing again this season after last year's disastrous run.

I wonder if many viewers just have a "once bitten, twice shy" attitude towards the show now.

Regardless, it really is shaping up to be a fantastic season for the show.


Show is to slow to watch. It is like it takes forever to resolve an issue then you go back to the future and the problem still there. They have great character but they need to develop them more quickly. make the plots with more action and special fx. Work it producers. I know you can.


I say NBC is were it belongs in the basement they have got to go!! al I have to say is i'm LOL!!! HA!HA!HA!


The writers are clueless. Time and again, Heroes asks you to check your brain at the door.


Dude Dancing with the stars is kicking it's butt HOWEVER ... Dancing with the stars is gossipy ladies age 10-90... seriously name ONE straight dude that watches that show WHOSE wife ISNT making him?? None exactly.. reality TV sux.. morons and ladies watch it, and tweens... Shows like Heroes, and Lost will never get that audience NOR SHOULD THEY CANDOR TO IT.. I want nothing to do with that audience's mind frame.

Heroes is a great show.. IF NBC gives up on it they are stupid. REMEMBER .. Monday Night Football probably takes at least a half million viewers away from it every week.. IF You moved Heroes to a different day and time slot it's would be better NOW... once winter and spring roll around the ratings will pick up PLUS once Zach Quinto does Star Trek a lot of ladies will flock to the show for ab shots.

Don't be stupid NBC stick with Heroes for a min of two more seasons. FALL AND SPRING!!!

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