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ABC's 'Grey's' and 'Private Practice' Perform

January 23, 2009 12:01 PM

ABC won Thursday night among adults 18-49 with strong performances by "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice," while CBS claimed the top spot in total viewers with its procedural crime dramas.

Grey's Anatomy

"Grey's Anatomy," the No. 1 show of the night, posted its highest rating in the 18-49 demographic since last November, according to preliminary Nielsen Media Research information. A new epiosde of "Private Practice" reached season-to-date highs in the demographic and in total viewers. The network finished the night with the highest average rating (3.9/10) and the second-largest audience (10.5 million viewers). "Ugly Betty" was on par with its last original episode two weeks ago.

On CBS a new episode of "CSI" was down 26% from last week's episode, which aired with a 15-minute delay in order to accommodate former-President George W. Bush's farewell address. Last week's episode, which also marked William Petersen's final epsiode on the show, posted a 6.6/16. "Eleventh Hour" was also down 17% from last week. For the night CBS finished second in the demographic (3.3/9) but first among viwers (12.8). At 8 p.m. "NCIS" was a repeat.

NBC finished third for the night with a 3.1/8 and fourth in viewers with 7 million. Episodes of "My Name Is Early," "The Office" and "ER" all posted gains in the demographic from last week, while "30 Rock" remained flat. "Kath & Kim" also showed gains from its last original episode two weeks ago.

Fox's back-to-back episodes of "Bones," including its new Thursday 8 p.m. time-period debut, put the network in fourth in the demographic (2.7/7) and third in viewers (8.7 million). The episodes gave the network its highest-rated Thursday night of the season in the demographic, excluding sports telecasts. Fox was also first in the Thursday 8 p.m. hour with a scripted program for the first time since Sept. 2005.

The CW finished fifth for the night with new episodes of "Smallville" and "Supernatural," averaging a 1.4/4 (3.4 million). Among women 18-34 the network posted a 1.1 rating.

Prime Time Preliminary Thursday Ratings









3.9 / 10

Ugly Betty

2.4 / 7

7.5 million

Grey's Anatomy

5.6 / 14

14.3 million

Private Practice

3.6 / 10

9.6 million


3.3 / 9


2.2 / 6

8.6 mil


4.9 / 12

17.5 mil

Eleventh Hour

2.9 / 8

12.3 mil


2.7 / 7


2.9 / 8

10 mil


2.5 / 6

7.5 mil

No Programming


3.1 / 8

My Name Is Earl

2.6 / 8

6.5 mil

Kath & Kim

2.2 / 6

4.9 mil

The Office

4.6 / 11

8.7 mil

30 Rock

3.2 / 8

6.4 mil


3.1 / 8

7.7 mil


1.4 / 4


1.6 / 4

3.8 mil


1.3 / 3

3 mil

No Programming

Source: Nielsen Media Research

*Ratings are specified in the 18- to 49-year-old demographic and viewership in P2+.

A note about ratings: Ratings are expressed as percentages of Nielsen's estimated 114.5 million U.S. television households. The first number, the rating, is a percentage of households tuned into a specific program at a specific time.

The second number, the share, is a percentage of households with televisions in use tuned into that same program. For example, if a show obtains a 10.2/16, this means that 10.2% of all U.S. households tuned into the program at some point during the broadcast. Meanwhile, 16% of all households watching television during the time period viewed the program at some point. Ratings are broken down further by demographic, as networks sell advertising time based on the makeup of the audience.


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