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‘Idol’ Wins Night With Low-Rated Tuesday Telecast

April 22, 2009 11:08 AM

Fox’s “American Idol” won the night after posting a dip from last week, while ABC’s Tuesday test of “The Unusuals” failed to improve the network’s performance in the 10 p.m. hour.

American Idol

Fox’s “Idol” scored an 8.0 rating/2 share among adults 18-49 and 23.2 million viewers, according to preliminary Nielsen figures. Last night’s episode was down 6% from last week and down 12% from its comparable night last year, scoring its lowest-rated Tuesday performance telecast since August 2002 in the preliminary numbers. (Final National updates from Nielsen have "Idol" at an 8.2/23 in the demo, down only 4% from last week and matching its performance from two weeks ago.)

At 9 p.m., “Fringe” (4.1/10, 10.5 million) held on strongly from last week, posting a 3% increase from last week. Fox had the top two shows of the night.

In the 10 p.m. hour, ABC’s “The Unusuals,” airing on a special night, posted a 1.6/4 (6.3 million). Last night’s episode was down 16% from the show’s season-to-date average on Wednesdays, where it has been following “Lost,” and down 6% from last Tuesday’s “Cupid” performance in the hour. Back-to-back episodes of ABC’s “According to Jim” (1.0/3, 3.7 million and 1.1/3, 3.7 million) were off 17% and 8%, respectively, from their time-period debuts last week. At 9 p.m., a results episode of “Dancing With the Stars” (3.2/8, 14.5 million) took a 9% dip from last week.

On NBC, “The Biggest Loser” (3.8/10, 9.3 million) remained flat from last week to match its best regular performance since Feb. 3. At 10 p.m., a repeat of “Law & Order: SVU” (2.7/7, 7.1 million) was the highest-rated repeat in more than a year.

CBS aired repeats throughout the night, starting with special back-to-back episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” (1.6/5, 6.1 million) and “Two and a Half Men” (1.8/5, 6.8 million), both of which edged out ABC sitcoms in head-to-head competition. “NCIS” (2.8/7, 12.3 million) and “The Mentalist” (2.7/7, 12.3 million) repeats both posted gains (8% and 13%, respectively) over repeats in their regular time periods last week. “Mentalist” tied with NBC’s “SVU” for the top spot in the 10 p.m. hour.

The CW’s “Reaper” (1.0/3, 2.5 million) was up one-tenth of a point over last week, while “90210” (1.1/3, 2.2 million) was down as much. Programming on the network was preempted in some markets due to local sports coverage. The network averaged a 1.4/4 among women 18-34.

For the night: Fox was first (6.0/16, 16.9 million), followed by NBC (3.4/9, 8.6 million), CBS (2.4/6, 10.4 million), ABC (1.9/5, 8.2 million) and The CW (1.0/3, 2.3 million).

Final National Updates (3:30 p.m.): Fox’s “Idol” went up to an 8.2/23 (24 million) in the demo, while “Fringe” dipped to a 3.9/9 (9.9 million). ABC’s second half-hour of “Jim” (1.0/3, 3.4 million) and “The Unusuals” (1.5/4, 5.8 million) both dipped one-tenth or a rating point, as did NBC’s “Loser” (3.7/10, 9.3 million) and “SVU” (2.6/7, 7 million) and The CW’s “Reaper” (0.9/2, 2.1 million) and “90210” (1.0/2, 1.9 million). At the network level, Fox bumped up to a 6.1/16 (17 million) for the night, while The CW slid to a 0.9/2 (2 million).


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Comments (58)

Spud Gelnick:

Hate the new judge. Hate the new stage. Way too much visual stuff going on for an audio competition. When Randy said this was the best group of final seven ever, it was totally phony. These guys are mostly posers compared to the quality of past contestants.

richard james:

I don't watch the show due to the massive amount of commercials.


It's a very good Idol this year... not a great Idol... but very good. It's worth it to see what Alison and Adam will do next. NBC (The Big Loser) is a loser network in every possible way.


On it's lowest night Idol blows everything away in ratings.


I agree with Spud about Kara - get rid of her! I love Adam, and have been fond of Anoop + there are good singers. Lil will probably be booted this week. She impressed me a lot in the very beginning, but has sputtered along trying to please everyone but herself. Or, maybe she's just not original?

I like Kris, but he's just too folksy for me. Most of my friends like him and don't like Adam, so there you go.

Bottom line - would you buy any of their records? I have already bought Adam's Mad World and want Tracks of My Tears. Did I say I like Adam - a lot? I think he's fabulous!


One of the worst groups if not the worst ever. Adam and Danny possibly have a chance to sell some records, I guess, but the others will have a real tough time filling their old high school auditoriums after their 15 minutes is up.
And what do you expect Randy to say? This is the worst collection of no-talents ever - please don't watch anymore??? The show is dying a slow death every week.

Patti B:

Love Kara. Love Adam. Love Randy. Hate all the commercials.

I love the new judge. She is the best of them. But Simon is the only one who spoke the truth about Anoop Dog.

The red hair girl is the one who will sell the most records. And Adam is soooo gay dude. So gay.


shows you how much people are tuning in to the MSM.
nothings on TV...just this stuff or propaganda.

mike hornet:

I still say they should all have to write and perform their own songs. Bruce Springstein didn't get any shortcuts to fame.


Idol sucks, because the show is no longer about the talent, they cast it like it's a reality show.

Sure, it's #1 in its time slot, but that is only because it's the least stinky turd in the steaming POS that television has turned into.


And Adam is soooo gay dude. So gay.

So is Elton John. Adam and the red-haired girl are the only two talents who could be successful in the long run (record sales). Adam needs to find a Jimmy Page level guitarist and there could be something like Led Zeppelin used to be. Eh....I am dreaming....

guerrino Lucas:

Spuds right in that this isn't the best talent, they are just saying that for marketing purposes. The red head is the best talent.


There is no comparison to Adam - he is professional and perfection! Allison is good too. Kris is way no good and Lil hasn't been on key for the last several weeks. Too bad too, as she started off so promising. Danny is good. Sorry for Matt, he just can't catch up. Anoop goes home tonight with Lil and about time.
Can't even look or listen to Kara. Get rid of her!


All this Hate for Kara, but its Paula’s continued gushing and senseless dribble that drives me mute the show. Yes I also agree Idol is a 40 minute Ford commercial.


Allison rocks. She has star quality. Adam may not get as many votes as thought. It should get down to Allison and Adam.


I can't understand why they let that inarticulate bubblehead judge come onto the show. She can't even express herself well it's like listening to a fourth grader talk. Who let her on? Did they owe some favor to her family or something. God was that a mistake. She looks like an idiot sitting there with all the other judges. Adam is however on the verge of superstardom. I just hope the gay comments won't stop him and rob us of his incredible talent. He is like a young version of Roy Orbison but with his own twist. He could become one of our greatest singers and entertainers. He has the makings of a legend there's no doubt about it.


American Idol..... I HATE THIS SHOW.... If these contestant were truly talented they would be discovered on their own. The Beatles, the Stones, Joplin, Hendrix, Tupac, Biggie, Nirvana..... They did it on their own.


I stopped watching because there are too many commercials. I tried recording it and ff thru the commercials but found the show was not worth the effort. Adam has a good voice but he moves like a woman and it makes me sick.


Kris is a musician, Danny is a musician, Matt is a musician, and Adam, well he's a dancer, an actor, and an entertainer, but not the right person to win a "singing contest."


I watch the show...I like allison & adam..these two will sell records..the rest ??????


The judges' critiques are longer than the performances. I don't like the fourth judge and hope she is gone next year. Paula rambles and poor Simon has to listen to her gibberish. There are too many commercial interruptions and product placements.



Ben Dover:

If Adam should happen to win,he'll suffer the same fate as Blake and Taylor Hicks.
Neither of them could fill a high school gym.

Lee Vanden Brink:

American Idol should have Susan Boyle on which would double their rating... Need a laugh.. http://leevandenbrink.blogspot.com


Come on..Adam is a creature of Hollywood and wont sell records. Remember how the judges like Clay Aiken and Rueben Whatshisname? Same thing with this Adam guy/gal.
Paula Abdul is so in the tank for him/her she lacks all credibility as a judge.

Tom Carlson:

Kara DioGuardi is a detriment and a distraction to the show. Her personality is grating and her comments are far to long winded, no wonder they run over the time limit. Randy, Paula, and Simon have done an excellent job--the show does not need a fourth judge and surely not DioGuardi under any condition. The show is about the singers--not the judges.

A guest judge on special show is OK; their comments are generally positive and theme related.


I love Allison.

Jill 2:

Randy is the judge that drives me nutso. "Check it out, Dude" or "Dawg! Dawg!" He sounds like a broken record. The other three judges are fine. I like Kara and Paula is fun to watch with Simon; I enjoy their bantering.

Adam is the best the show has EVER seen in eight years! Kris has been the one the most improved. Alison has been getting raspier and raspier every week. I think her voice needs a rest. She's going to lose it if she keeps the screaming up. Lil Rounds should have been gone weeks ago, she sings off key. Anoop is boring and dresses in pink and bright green, what's up with that? I don't like his voice. I want Lil and Anoop gone this week.

I hate ignorant people:

Who gives a crap if Adam's gay? You people are so ingnorant. Some of our best performers over the years have been gay. Elton John ring a bell? I wish all the ignorant rednecks from the midwest and south would die allready.

james andrews:

I watched Idol the first year and then a couple of weeks to watch the kid with freaky hair a couple of years ago. I watched the last half of the year last season and thoroughly enjoyed the two David contest.

This year was different. I watched from the beginning. I think they ended up with a much better group of finalists but their presentation has been horrible. The constant Paula/Simon crap is old. I would like to hear the contestants and the judges opinions. I am not into watching the judges perform and play games with drawing mustaches.


It is obvious that the outcome is pre-planned. They are just keeping the others on to make it sound like a true battle of the "idols". It is also obvious that they are steering the attention to the trans-gender guy. I can't remember his name but they had pictures of him dressed as a women giving tongue to another man. I think his name is Adam.

Jill 2:

Wishing people dead is not exactly a sentiment filled with love and tolerance, "I Hate Ignorant People". I agree with you about the homosexual issue, I don't care what they are as long as they keep it private and out of my face. It's got nothing to do with singing ability.


I did not understand "Disco Night." The only two people who sang real disco were the two who got the shaft from the judges -Lil and Matt. They should've called it, "We are going to call it Disco but if you sing real disco we are going to slam the heck out of you - night."
The judges REALLY like Adam, but all I think he can do is scream and pretend he's Elvis.

Kelly :

Haven't watched Idol since they put Prison Sissy Pants Kaye West on,not only does that fker suck,but watching a guy in half a** underware..IS F'KING SICK!!WTF WAS THAT A** HOLE DOING ON THE SHOW???


I almost broke the tv trying to turn that sh't off!!


"I still say they should all have to write and perform their own songs."

That would be TERRIBLE. People only tune in to hear songs they're familiar with. When the contestant changes the tempo of the song, they ruin it. Singing only songs that nobody ever heard of, all season, would limit viewers to the contestants' immediate families. Bad, bad suggestion.


The topic is ‘Idol’ Wins Night With Low-Rated Tuesday Telecast. There is NOTHING ON! Monday and Thusday, they have 3 hours of everything on against each other on all of the networks. The rest of the week there is nothing on, and it's time for these so called reality shows to go! Give me a stupid comedy. I'm sick of the real reality under this despot in our White House, I don't want to watch a staged reality show, or more cop shows, or more doctor shows, we have too many, and I don't want to tape 2 channels while I watch one for two nights, and have nothing on for the rest of the week. WTF? American Idol has given us a bunch of cheesey singers that won't go away, and who all (even the losers) make a good living at being cheesey sub par singers who won't go away. The only good part are the auditions, and they are not even worth my time.


No way that s&&&di** Adam is going to win. When it comes down to the final two it will be a vote against Adam. Far too flaming to win.
And I'm sad that these AIDS vacines have been too effective. The homos are getting too cocky wishing death on people. That money should have went to cancer research instead.


If y'all hate idol so much, why do you still watch it. I quit watching it 2 years ago. Simon is way to nasty, Randy only knows a few words and Paula is spaced out somewhere. This is a show for losers by losers. So they get a lot of viewers? If you add the other stations viewer numbers together, more people are watching something else than watching idol.


Hate the show! Hate the Show!! with the 3 original judges, it was at least interesting chemistry... Now with some added Yenta, it's like blah! ... Haven't watched it in years, and don't intend to. (and don't even get me started on the ridiculous contestants)


Amazing -- no one watches the show but they can still comment on what is going on -- but it still wins the time slot so many people continue to watch. I love Adam, Allison and Danny. With the right songs and promotions they can all do well. Being on American Idol gives them exposure to millions they could not get anywhere else. I think it is a fun show -- if you don't like it watch Bill O'Reilly on Fox News Channel.


It's time for the show to go. The only reason it has still high numbers is there is nothing on to watch on the other stations. I have to put on a DVD just so I don't have to watch it.
Who care who wins. They give 4 or 5 recording contracts anyway to whoever they want to. They are now pimping the contestants on I-tunes every week so they are making money on them before anyone even wins. The contracts they get are all in favor of AI. They are better off if they don't win and go Indie.They are flooding the already crowded Pop market with singers who are singing bland music. Crank it out as fast as they can and sell it.


Let me sum up Idol:

The final will be the first two guys:
*Adam - gay, but good
*Danny - best Idol story ever and most distinctive voice
*Kris - the guy who best knows how to stay in his range, not flashy but good
*Matt - YOU ARE NOT JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - why do you people keep voting for HIM?!?
*Allison - you'll be playing furniture stores again in 3 years
*Anoop - It was either Socrates or Boyz To Men who said, "Now we've come to the end of the road"
*Lil - Thanks for coming, not really sure why you stayed so long


Idol has ok ppl. this year! I think Adam Lambert is going to win but honstly Gokey is the best person on Idol so far!

Lambert: a major crossdresser, but strange egytian songs dont work for u! U will win!NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Gokey: u r my fav. but i m so sry. about ur loss of ur wife!!! cry in you r next song and you will 4sure win! plz. wear ur glasses! u r 2 cool!!!!!!!

Allison: the best girl in compitition, and the only girs hope!( u r the only girl, althought i question that with Lambert sum time)!!! lolz!!!!

Matt what ever ur last name is: i hope 2 c u and wanna b KaRa gone nexxt week( dont forget paula)!!

Kris Allen: no more guitar 4 u! u r forgetable and will not win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plz concider what i said! no guys should have girls skinny jeans!

Adam, what size do u wear? can i borrow ur wardrob? lolz!!!!!!!!!!


Idol has ok ppl. this year! I think Adam Lambert is going to win but honstly Gokey is the best person on Idol so far!

Lambert: a major crossdresser, but strange egytian songs dont work for u! U will win!NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Gokey: u r my fav. but i m so sry. about ur loss of ur wife!!! cry in you r next song and you will 4sure win! plz. wear ur glasses! u r 2 cool!!!!!!!

Allison: the best girl in compitition, and the only girs hope!( u r the only girl, althought i question that with Lambert sum time)!!! lolz!!!!

Matt what ever ur last name is: i hope 2 c u and wanna b KaRa gone nexxt week( dont forget paula)!!

Kris Allen: no more guitar 4 u! u r forgetable and will not win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plz concider what i said! no guys should have girls skinny jeans!

Adam, what size do u wear? can i borrow ur wardrob? lolz!!!!!!!!!!


Remember, AI is looking to identify a product, not an artist. And Adam's flaming gayness--there, I said it--is, in a business sense, a drawback to the product that they want to sell to ~300 million people. I happen to think the guy is awesome, but he's a niche product, er, artist.

And Kara is the 2nd best judge, after Simon. Randy is a musical genius, but 8 years of "dawg is in da house! etc" is getting old.


It really dosent matter..they had 45 million votes cast
thats more than the presidential race


Regarding the Judges: I simply wished to post that I genuinely like Kara DioGuardi ... she makes intelligent, coheherent, concise and constructive comments each week. It gets a bit old listening to Randy Jackson's 10-word vocabulary, Paula's rambling, and Simon's favorability/negativity toward various contestants (he has such a vested interest in the outcome.)
Anyway, I hope the show sticks with Kara. If anyone should go, it should be Randy (at least Paula is "amusing" at times.)

As for the contestants ... Adam Rocks. Big time. Danny is amazing as well but will do better selling records vs. selling out Concerts/Perfomances.

I love Idol. Sure it's a big "rigged" but isn't most good entertainment?

balls deeeep:

''Hate all the commercials.''

arent the number of ads limited by law?

Bonnie Davis:

Were the HIGHEST RATINGS found on Cable News?


Kelly ,kelly you poor thing ..how limeted your words of expession are....and you put it out for the world to read, no wonder other nations think that all american's are stuped and nasty, clean up your act.please


Well say what you will, about Idol...but...I tune in every week, just to see Adam and Allison perform. The rest of them are ok, but not star quality, though I am sure they will find things to do after idol. Adam, well...I am waiting for his first Album to be realeased, cause I will be buying. As the saying goes...when you got it...you got it!!!!


There were over 125 million votes cast in the last Presidential Election.


I never watch the show, but my wife is obsessed with it. (Her taste in music is beyond awful.) But anyway, last night she came upstairs early, claiming the show was absolutely the worst one every. For her to turn off American Idol early certainly was a statement on just how bad the show was.


Simon is not nasty; he is right. He speaks the truth. People of the "pc" brain won't get it.
You know the type; in school everyone gets a trophy. So later in real life when they lose, they can't handle it.


Who the hell cares about Adam being gay????????????? He has amazing talent and that is what its about.


I watched Lost


I loved that song Adam sang that Simon hated. Ring of Fire. It's haunting, what voice control. He is the best of the bunch. I think his concert would sell. His music is his own and he can entertain because of his style. A concert is a big show. And I'm an old lady. Raised on the good rock, zepplin, aerosmith, black sabbath, Kiss, queen.

American Idol ratings are low due to the fact they are slow to post free episodes on Internet Tv.

The Site-Matrix.net has American Idol episodes (commercial free). However, are posted 1 hour later. Write to Fox and let them know to post episodes sooner.