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Timeless TV

Wunnerful? Wunnerful?

May 15, 2007 7:25 PM

I stumbled across “The Lawrence Welk Show” on PBS Saturday evening. All I can say is: WTF?!

How can that sickeningly sweet relic still pull an audience?

Who, besides the cast or their descendants, could be watching? I mean, willingly? Pod people?

When ABC dropped the show in 1971, its only viewers were ancient even then. Now, 36 years later, who could possibly be alive that enjoys it? I thought it was amazing enough that it lasted in syndication until 1982.

What is the appeal of this outdated curio with an acute case of cloying wholesomeness? Bland music and pedestrian dance numbers? Can anyone out there enlighten me?


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Bryan F.:

My grandparents loved it. It sort of grew on me too I guess. Kind of like being trapped in a cave and forced to listen to Fox News. Sooner or later you just sort of give in to it.

alan collins:

Hey..the show will be running long after you and I are dead....If People didnt watch it it wouldnt be on the air..just like I Love Lucy and the Brady Bunch.....

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