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Timeless TV

A Really Brief History

August 17, 2007 2:47 PM

Some clever soul with plenty of time to kill has assembled the history of Paramount Television on YouTube—well, in program end tags, that is. Take a trip from its origins as Desilu Productions through its many years as Paramount Television from 1967 onward, right up to 2006’s CBS Paramount logo. (Warning: musical sniglet can grow repetitive!)


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Myke Perrey:

Ooooh. Can we do Universal next?


I love this! always incredible to see how these massive media corporations all started with such humble origins.

and just how increasingly sophisticated graphics and branding helped them evolve their growing ambitions into their current sprawling empires.

you can just see their increasing power and influence expand with each subsequent design

Mik Hoffman:

And then do NBC, ABC, and CBS too! This is awesomely cool!

Didn't CBS have its production tags before Paramount/Viacom too them over? I remember seeing them on "Dave's World" and "Caroline in the City."

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