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Get Your Kicks With 'Route 66' on DVD

August 29, 2007 2:19 PM

The first 15 episodes of the 1960-64 Screen Gems-for-CBS series “Route 66” are coming out on DVD Oct. 23 from Infinity Entertainment Group.

For those not familiar with the show’s premise, it’s basically two young guys driving around the country in an iconic Corvette, taking odd jobs and encountering some sort of drama in a new locale every week.

My favorite aspect of the series is that it was shot entirely on location, which adds a gritty verite quality to the shows that captures real life on the streets of midcentury America.

Martin Milner (“Adam-12”) plays Tod Stiles, a one-time rich kid whose father’s death leaves him penniless (but with a new Corvette), and George Maharis plays Buz Murdock, a tough guy from the Hell’s Kitchen school of hard knocks.

The scripts, mainly by series creator Stirling Silliphant, range from good to outstanding, and the impressive list of guest stars (throughout the series’ four seasons) includes James Caan, Robert Duvall, David Janssen, Buster Keaton, DeForest Kelley, Lee Marvin, Julie Newmar, Robert Redford, Martin Sheen, William Shatner, Rod Steiger and Ethel Waters.

Billy Ingram offers a detailed description of the show on TVParty.com.

See if the opening credits don’t intrigue you:


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Snooky Handsome:

Thank heaven for Tom Gilbert; who else would have the smarts and sensitivity to remember "Route 66" and its great theme which i THINK was written by Nelson Riddle (TV theme songs are, sadly, a thing of the past as networks cram in more and more commercials. Closing credits fly by so blurringly fast that they are visual gibberish). And here's good news: It only took me FIVE TRIES to get the opening-credit clip to play -thanks to good old, stupid old, inept old AOL (pronounced "A-hole"), part of the Time Warner Evil Empire. If there is a more clumsily blundering service than AOL anywhere in this country, performing any function, I hope I don't run into it, because it would have to fail beyond believe. Meanwhile, right on, Tom! "Route 66" was cool before anyone was really trying to be cool, and it was a relatively uncompromised vision of what was going on in the world when it aired. Your fan, The Snookster

12 04 2007

It is good to know "Route 66" is on DVD. I am hoping "Route 66" comes back on TV.

Tracey C. Smith

Danay :

My dad would always talk about this show all the time. I've seen some episodes. It's pretty good.

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