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You Get a Lot to Like

July 3, 2008 5:56 PM

I stumbled across this old (circa 1960) Marlboro cigarette commercial starring Julie London online the other day.

Dayum, that’s good stuff! Sex on wheels. Can you imagine anyone—producer or singer—taking the time and care to sell a product so artfully today? No wonder the Marlboro brand became firmly entrenched as a man’s cigarette. Talk about your propaganda. To hell with the health risks. When it comes to purveying evil, this is as good as anything Leni Riefenstahl ever did. I wonder how many teenage boys started smoking after seeing that?


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I'm sure this would be just the kind of commercial Don Draper would have come up with. In fact, if this were in color, it would look like a scene from Mad Men. Great find, Tom!

Snooky Handsome:

Maybe it's just my computer, or horrible AOL, but Julie didnt finish the jingle. I remember it well because Mad Ave so insidiously pounded it into my head: "You get a lot to like with a Marlboro -- filter -- flavor -- flip-top box!" Later changed to "pack or box" for hunky hunx who liked their cigarette packs soft and squishy. Sad to admit, there WAS something sexy about smoking a cigarette with your honey-bunny -- otherwise how could Bette Davis & Paul Henried cook up such hot stuff in "Now, Voyager"? Or Bogie envelop himself in a fog of self-pity as he remembers Paris in "Casablanca"? on and on. I don't miss cigarettes, but I do miss cigarette commercials. Thank you, Tom Gilbert, for bringing back another invaluable memory...........


Julie died of a stroke in 2000 at the age of 74...maybe too many cigarettes.


Julie died of a stroke in 2000 at the age of 74...maybe too many cigarettes.

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