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Tom Shales

To Our Millions of Readers:

May 19, 2007 1:43 PM

Thanks to those who commented, even those who did it insultingly, but this blog was correct in its original report: Tony Soprano shouted "I GET IT" and not "I DID IT" at the end of last week's Sopranos episode.

An HBO spokesman confirmed it from the script.

I may have been wrong in interpreting the remark though. I thought Tony had experienced a life-changing epiphany that was going to impact on all the remaining episodes. The HBO executive thinks that Tony was in effect speaking posthumously to Christopher, the nephew he killed in the opening scene, and that "I get it" means Tony now understands the tremendous pull of mind-altering drugs that was essentially Christopher's undoing.

Argue about that all you want.


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By Tony saying, "I get it!". . .it meant he feels that now Christopher is dead, TONY'S luck will change for the better. With Christopher alive. . . bad luck. Dead. . . good luck. Get it? Tony, do you get it? Tony: "I get it !!!"

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