TelevisionWeek is happy to welcome kids television creator Tommy Lynch to its roster of bloggers who have made a mark on the TV industry. Mr. Lynch brings a history of success in the children's and tween genres to the table. His first animated effort, "Class of 3000," debuted Nov. 3, 2006, on Cartoon Network. Stay tuned to Mr. Lynch's blog for a chronicle of the ins, outs, ups and downs of being an independent producer of youth- and family-oriented TV.


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Tommy Lynch

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November 28, 2006 9:24 PM

Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Monday already seems like a distant memory. After four days of not doing any of the catch up I promised myself I would do, Monday came with fear...Four days of bliss for one day of abject fear is good in my world. I finished a pilot script in its fourth draft, swearing that I wasn’t going to make one more change—kinda like I swore on the three previous drafts. Hated my network executive and thought of calling it a day and never writing again. After all, I have nineteen series that I have created/co-created...maybe going for twenty was tempting fate. That was my answer: I wasn’t going to talk to anyone in television ever again. They could make what I wrote or not. I was finished. And that executive wasn’t the kind of person that I wanted to listen to anyway. I’ve already done three drafts, who was he to ask for more clarity...uh oh, that’s him on the phone now...Of course, I don’t usually take these calls; they’re for my Senior VP. I tell him that he must take the calls because I’m growing him. Really it’s because I am convinced that the network is going to tell me how much I suck. But my Senior VP isn’t here, so I have to take the call. I do. He doesn’t tell me I suck. He tells me he loves the fourth draft. Of course he does, I added some wonderful scenes. Sure, he motivated me to get to those ideas, so I guess he really is a genius... How quickly I change positions...

Not a bad end to a Tuesday. Both of my series are rating well. One network is “tickled pink” by the ratings; the other just hit a series high in its already high ratings. Maybe I can still create a show, maybe I still have a relevant voice.

I head off to New York for a series of meetings with various executives, network heads, distributors, and a movie studio. They all want to figure out a way to make money off of me and I want to figure out a way to get them to pay for my next idea. It is the symbiotic relationship of creative and financial, and we just have to remember which one’s the important one...

(If you didn’t guess, it’s the former.)

Till New York...Tommy


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Hi Tommy,
You might remember me. I am in fact your favorite person on planet earth, including your wife and kids. Glad your pleasantly meshugena soul has found yet another outlet. Why don't you write an entry on one of your earliest stints in TV and how it made you who you are today.
On second thought.............

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