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Trial and Error

ABC.com’s Short-Form Video Push Rates High

September 18, 2006 1:02 AM

ABC is betting that viewers will go to ABC.com and watch behind-the-scenes clips from its hit shows and new properties this fall. The network is probably right because the video is incredibly easy to find and play.

I visited ABC.com on Thursday Sept. 14. As soon as the page loaded, a small, embedded video player on the right side played a behind-the-scenes clip from a “Men of Desperate Housewives” photo shoot.

The video played easily, with pause and play buttons working seamlessly. However, the player is quite small. I clicked on a link for the video from the “Dancing with The Stars” dress rehearsal and it brought me to another page that featured a slightly larger player and a playlist with several short-form videos from ABC shows.

The dress rehearsal video also played easily, so then I visited the “daytime” category and viewed a promo from “All My Children.” Next, I pulled down the menu listings for both prime-time and late nights shows, which listed all the different programs with online video.

ABC gets major points for a nice layout and extraordinarily easy-to-find video and player.

View an exclusive example of "Dancing With the Stars" video being offered at ABC.com


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