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Trial and Error

Kidnapped on MSN: Works Well if You Can Catch It

September 14, 2006 9:37 AM

MSN debuted online NBC’s “Kidnapped” on Sept. 13, a week before the show’s on-air premiere.

I go to MSN.com on Sept. 13 to look for the video. It’s not on the main portal so I click on the TV link, which takes me to a page that features the MSN Video player near the top. Nice placement. But the first trick starts when you want to play the video. That’s because, like a carnival-style shooting game, you have to wait until the image for “Kidnapped” pops up in the video player.

I spot it and click on it quickly, zipping onto a page of images from various TV shows. I again click on the link for “Kidnapped” and the show plays instantly. I begin the usual tests, jumping ahead 15 minutes for starters. That works fine, but then I try pause, play and fast forward. Uh Oh. The fast forward button jumps me all the way out of “Kidnapped” and into a promo clip for “Grey’s Anatomy” season two on DVD. Well, why not? Let’s see that video.

Or maybe not. The video stops randomly during playback, simply pausing itself at any given moment every few seconds. The clip ends and then jumps into one for “Biggest Loser.” Where’s “Kidnapped,” I wonder? I look around the site and it’s nowhere to be found.

I hit fast forward again and again, jumping from video to video—clips from “Gilmore Girls,” “Lost,” “The Wire.” I’m just clicking for kicks now to see where the fast forward button will take me. At this point, I decide to get serious again and return to the main MSN Video page. I click on the “Kidnapped” video. This time, I exercise restraint and don’t hit any buttons.

But please, MSN, give us a little more information on where to find the videos for those moments when we go nuts and hit that fast forward button.


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Imagine if your phone worked this well.


Another quality product from Microsoft. You would think with all that money
they'd hire people that actually knew what the hell they were doing.

A quality working product. Thanks Bill Gates.

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