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Trial and Error

NBBC Videos Play Nice but Hard to Find

September 18, 2006 3:13 PM

NBC went live last week with its latest broadband video play, a vast new effort to share and swap video from NBC Universal properties, its affiliated stations and more than 25 Web sites. As of late last week, NBC had rolled out the video on its owned and operated station sites as well as New York Times-owned KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City, Okla.

NBC sent me a link for the KFOR video (http://www.kfor.com/Global/link.asp?L=206119) so I took that for a test drive on Thursday Sept. 14. The link escorted me directly to the NBC video player where a promo clip from new NBC show “30 Rock” began. It played immediately and then led right into a clip from USA’s “Monk.” I watched that for a few seconds, but grew more interested in the thumbnails on the right hand side of the video player, including one for a “weather-predicting pig.” Who could resist? Not me, so I clicked on the image which took me to a clip from NBC-owned KXAS-TV on a pig who can allegedly predict storms or sun via tail wags with 85 percent accuracy.

Then I noticed a video thumbnail featuring a cute guy with his shirt off. The “Passions” promo featured a lot of shirtless shots and they were quite effective too, because the next thing I knew I was on iTunes buying an episode of “Passions” for $1.99. I returned to KFOR’s site to test one more video – a mock PSA from “The Office.”

Overall, the NBC player worked well, but I prefer to click on videos individually rather than have them play in a loop.

To finish my NBBC test, I popped over to WNBC.com to see if I could easily find videos there. I could not. Finally, I found a news story on the new video offerings, which noted that the clips could be found on the right hand side of the page under the “Now Playing” link. I went there and the player launched.

Memo to NBC: the video is too hard to find!


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Karl Spangenberg:

Many thanks for chronicling your test drive of the new NBBC website. From reading the trades, I was having a tough time understanding how it was intended to work.
What you surfaced was the whole matter of "intent." What is the intention of this destination that houses NBC video as well as that of other sites? I think you outed that intent: promotion, first; and video experience, second.
my best,

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