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Trial and Error

NBC.com Earns Thumbs Down on Video

September 28, 2006 8:49 AM

The Internet can be so distracting. I plan to kick the tires on Carson Daly’s new user-generated video contest on NBC.com, but am quickly distracted on NBC’s Web site by other stuff.

Why not take a stroll through NBC’s “First Look,” its online previews of NBC shows? I see a button for a First Look at “30 Rock.” I take the bait. After all, the link is easy to find and it lures me in.

La dee dah. The video’s loading.

Hold on. Let me grab my nail file. The video is still loading.

Yup, passed the one-minute mark and it’s still loading.

If I were a civilian I would have jumped ship. I’m only waiting because my nails are in need of a good shortening and because I have this blog to feed.

The two-minute mark passes. The video is still loading. OK, let’s start over.

I hit the back arrow button on the browser to return to NBC.com. I try “30 Rock” again.
The video is still loading. Hmm, maybe I’ll check email.

Oh wait. The video is finally playing! There’s an AT&T ad and then a short preview of “30 Rock” begins.

Uh oh. That’s not good. The video freezes 10 seconds in for a few seconds. And again at the 38-second mark too.

Finally, the preview finishes. OK, let’s check out another show, “Studio 60.”

The video is still loading. Looks like I do have time to answer that email.

Still loading.

And it never plays.

I return to NBC.com, hoping that the third time is a charm.

I look under the video tab and click on “Friday Night Lights.” At last, a show loads and it plays well. But the video clip only lasts seven minutes and the whole episode is supposed to be online. I look around and it appears you have to watch the episode in 7-minute doses. I then decide I am a civilian after all and this is too complicated.


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Just wanted to say thanks for helping make sense of all the different streaming options available this season -- I linked to it in my pop culture blog over at PlanetOut.com, http://blogs.planetout.com/personalitymachine/2006/09/how_to_never_mi.html.

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