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Trial and Error

Trial & Error

September 4, 2006 1:00 AM

During the reporting of our recent story on Google’s video syndication strategy (Sept. 4), Google’s press department provided us with links to several sites that feature MTV video content via Google’s syndication deal struck in August.

Video on hip hop site Concreteloop.com played easily when clicked on during an initial check on Aug. 30, but later that evening sputtered and stuttered in that painful old school fashion. I tried one more time and the good news is ad for upcoming flick “The Covenant” played easily.

Moving over to pop culture site egotistic.com, I clicked on a VH1 video embedded in a player on the home page. This video too came with a few seconds-long stutters, so I lost interest and flipped over to lyrics site lyred.com, which featured video from MTV News on the home page including an interview with Christina Aguilera. That video played seamlessly.

I made a final stop on the Google/MTV tour to humor site devilducky.com. Clips from Comedy Central started fluidly, but then once again suffered from poor buffering, with long pauses every two or three seconds during the clip, rendering it unwatchable. This remnant of the dial-up era video experience is unfortunately a problem that has plagued Google Video since it introduced the Video store in January.


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Marianne Paskowski:

Love the blog. I always assumedt that every time an online video stream didn't appear quite right, the reason was I was on the Web when everyone else was, and would try again later, like 6 a.m. So does heavy volume of traffic have anything to do with video stream stability?

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