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Trial and Error

Very Funny Ads=Very Good Site

September 7, 2006 3:13 PM

TBS announced on Sept. 6 that its two-week old broadband site, veryfunnyads.com, had generated 7.7 million video plays from 900,000 unique users in that short time frame. There’s good reason for that. The site works.
So I trotted over to veryfunnyads.com on Sept. 7. Kevin Nealon popped up in an embedded video player to give a 16-second intro to the site and invite viewers to submit ads.
When he finished, the ads starting played. The first one up was a Hyundai spot from Sweden called “Toy Boy” that featured a middle-aged couple making the best of the reclining passenger seats in their respective autos (do check it out – it’s quite funny). The laugh-out-loud spot continued into the next one, a Banana Boat ad. Normally, I don’t like videos that roll one right into the next, but because the content is related thematically, I didn’t mind this time.
I tested a few more functions on the site, including an option to e-mail a video. I sent a Smirnoff ad to my own e-mail address. It arrived about five minutes later with a link back to the ad. I clicked on the link in the e-mail, and voila – the site loaded quickly and the Smirnoff ad played again. I visited the “top rated” section of the site and clicked on an “Isenbeck” beer ad from Argentina where I noticed a cool feature of the site, a running count of the number of views for each video. The Isenbeck ballet spot had garnered 463,000 views. That sort of transparency adds to the community feel since it lets users know if other people are watching what they like and vice versa. The site also posts how many times a video has been e-mailed.
When I tried the site a few more times, the videos did not play continuously. Users can select videos they want to see or they can hit the “play all” button to get the videos to roll automatically into the next one.


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