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Trial and Error

CNN Pipeline – Thumbs Down; CNN.com Video – Thumbs Up

October 24, 2006 12:47 PM

Late last week, CNN.com informed me that its video covering the network’s reports on the Iraq sniper videos had been streamed more than 1.2 million times by Oct. 20.

So I click on the link the network sent me, and a window pops up, asking me to install some sort of additional file from CNN Pipeline, the network’s broadband video service.

But the installation doesn’t work. I contact a network spokeswoman and she suggests I try CNN.com/video. The sniper clip is no longer featured on the home page on Oct. 23, but I browse other videos and click on a train plowing into a truck. Again, I am asked to install a file for Pipeline. I try again and continue to get error messages.

I choose to uninstall Pipeline and then see if I can watch the videos simply on CNN.com

But Pipeline won’t let me uninstall! So I restart the computer. I then am able to successfully uninstall Pipeline.

This time, I go straight to CNN.com and click on a video for ex-Enron chief Jeff Skilling’s 24-year prison sentence, meted out on Monday. (I just chose that video so I could use the word “mete.” I mean, how often to do you get to say “mete” in the TV business?)

And what do you know? A video player loads and launches immediately. The story runs and then segues smoothly into the next one on a death row decision related to a murder from 25 years ago. When that video finishes, a five-second countdown appears and then whooshes me right into the next video. The player even takes the time to inform me I can select another video.

Well, why not? There are three tabs listing top videos, related videos and “picks.” I choose top videos and watch a few seconds of that train/truck crash after all. Then I spot a browse button. I click that and it brings up a list of several videos in various categories.

Indeed, CNN.com is easy to navigate and offers several ways in and out of the video. It’s CNN Pipeline that I am blackballing.

Well, for now.


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