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Trial and Error

Innertube Still Works; NBC Apparently Too

October 12, 2006 11:01 AM

So I’m back on CBS’s innertube this morning to check out its original content. I click on the video link for “Hook Me Up,” an inntertube original that’s a reality dating show. I’ve never been a fan of reality shows, nor dating ones, but it’s actually kind of cute and surprisingly well done. I watch the final episode and the super short length helps. It clocks in around five minutes and the video quality is incredibly high. It doesn’t stop or stutter, the Dove ad plays easily and the video itself is crisp and professional looking. I kick the tires on a few of the other original shows such as “Road to Price” and “The Green Room.”

Everything works swimmingly, so CBS appears to have a winner on its hand. The only question is how many people are using the site and what are they watching?

I don’t know that answer for CBS, but I now know it for NBC. As you may know, I’ve had a bear of a time accessing NBC’s videos over the last few weeks until I finally hit pay dirt late last week. But apparently I’m the only one who’s had trouble at all. NBC announced this week that NBC.com delivered more than two million video streams in the first full week of the release of “NBC Rewind,” the player for its prime-time series. That’s the same week I couldn’t get it to work most of the time. So just imagine if I’d had better luck -- NBC could now report it had more than two million and one video streams.


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