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Trial and Error

Innertube’s Got a Lot of AT&T

October 11, 2006 10:59 AM

Today my magic 8-ball says go to CBS’s broadband site innertube.

Immediately, I’m drawn into the site at CBS.com/innertube. About three-quarters of the home page is occupied by an image for “The Unit.” Then a few seconds later it switches to an image of “Class” and then “How I Met Your Mother” and so on. At the top of each show image are the words “watch full episode now.” Straightforward and direct.

I opt for “The New Adventures of the Old Christine.” Another browser window opens listing links for full episodes, behind-the-scenes content and “next on the show.” We’re talking simple, easy navigation here.

On the right side are options for video-player settings. Truth be told, I’ve never really known which one I’m supposed to pick – Windows or Real. So I pick Windows. The video begins playing in an embedded player. A menu remains up on the right hand side with the listings for the other videos still up on the left, making for an easy exit if need be. There’s also a static ad for AT&T below the player.

The episode is split into four parts. I fast forward to the end of part one.

But then I’m kind of hanging out in a no-man’s land for 20 or 30 seconds. The screen is completely black with a message in the status bar that it’s “buffering,” which is just so 1990s dialup. Then, part two of the show starts up. I scroll to the end of that and am greeted with the same blank screen.

So I click on the video link below for “Class.” I scroll to the end of part one, but this time a short AT&T ad plays and then I’m right back into the show. No buffering this time. And I must confess, I’d rather watch the ad than the blank screen.

Tomorrow I’m going to check out the original content on innertube, such as “Hook Me Up.”


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I don't have a blog site, but if you have the answer to my question could you email me at envier2374@mypacks.net I would appreciate it. I was using innertube on the
CBS website and it worked fine the first time or two but then I must have inadvertently made some change to my settings, either on the site or in my computer because it would start to load the episode and would briefly show it was loading and never finish, just goes back to the page where it gives the list of shows on the left side of the page with the search option at the end of each line. If you have any ideas on how to get it to play please let me know. Thanks

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