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Trial and Error

My Fight With Amazon Unbox

October 27, 2006 11:55 AM

Remember all those nice things I said about Unbox yesterday? Well, I’m taking 'em back. All of 'em.

So just to recap, I bought “Never Been Kissed” from Amazon Unbox. Amazon kept telling me for two-hours that the movie was downloading. But it never did, because apparently I had just oh too many other videos in the player. Yes, I can see how a 30-minute show and a 60-minute show can take up all the space. So I had to delete my episodes of “Designed to Sell” and “The Nine.” And that gave me enough space to download the movie.

I start playing the movie, but since I really just want to see the final scene I hit fast forward. It works — for about one second. Because when I try to stop the movie, it won’t stop. The movie keeps playing on high-speed.

Stop, please stop! I hit the play button again.

Whew. Finally it stops. I watch a scene. I get bored. I fast forward again.

And then it starts. Like a runaway train, Unbox starts spinning out of control. I want to see the good scene, though, so I hit the play button to get the movie to stop. No go. I hit fast forward. That doesn’t stop it. I try the escape button on my computer. I try the little X button on Amazon Unbox.

I hit more buttons. I try control/alt/delete.

I hit every button on the keyboard. And the movie keeps going.

Mayday, Mayday!

Finally, I do the thing the only thing I can do. Hard stop. Yep, I just hit that off button and shut everything down.

But you know what? When I turn it back on, at least I can write this, so I feel like maybe, just maybe, I won this battle.

And then I uninstall Amazon Unbox.


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