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Trial and Error

Pure Video Search Part Two, AKA Still Waiting …

October 13, 2006 11:40 AM

PureVideo told me the site changed certain aspects of its new video-search service based on the Trial and Error blog review on Oct. 2. So that means the site gets – you guessed it – a second chance.

I had initially reported several frustrations with the service such as links to videos that didn’t play, links that didn’t work, and top 10 lists that didn’t match up with the videos listed.

So I return to purevideo.com. This go-round, the links on the video lists do match up correctly. However, I still don’t get why the YouTube Top 10 lists videos with literally just a handful of views. I would think it would link to the most popular ones.

Next, I check out the actual search capabilities. Since entertainment news is so much more fun to search for than politics or other stuff, I put Madonna’s name in the search bar. I figure she should be timely because her adoption of a little boy has cleared its first hurdle, according to Google News.

The first link is to a Grouper video of “Justify My Love,” which loads and plays quickly. Next up is a YouTube video of some girl in her bedroom doing a Madonna impression. At least I think that’s what she’s doing. It’s hard to tell for sure. The next link is to a home-made YouTube video that’s a montage of Madonna pictures. Boring.

So I put the words “Madonna adoption” in the search bar. The first link is out of date. The next link doesn’t work either. It brings me to a blank page. The third link is for a Reuters video that does work and includes a quick update on Madonna’s interest in adopting an African boy. But the clip is from Oct. 11, and isn’t the most up to date.

So here’s my big prediction of the week, the month, the year: The site that finally figures out video search for real – that’ll be the site EVERYONE will want to acquire. And that’s the one that’ll be worth it’s weight in gold.


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