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Trial and Error

Trial & Error

October 9, 2006 12:55 PM

I interviewed ClipBlast CEO Gary Baker for our Digital Dealmakers column this week. So that means it’s time to test the video search service and see how it holds up. Mr. Baker had suggested I try a news story because news is among the most commonly searched for topics on video search engine.

Since my New York Yankees embarrassed themselves over the weekend with a loss to the Detroit Tigers in the American League division series, marking the sixth straight post season that my pinstriped boys have failed to claim a 27th World Championship, I decide to search for the Yankees.

I enter New York Yankees in the search bar and the first set of results includes an August CNN clip on the Yankees new stadium project, a February spring training report from CBS-owned WCBS-TV in New York and a “60 Minutes” piece on my boyfriend Derek Jeter.

Maybe I need to be more specific. I enter “New York Yankees lose to Detroit Tigers.” That yields an MSN Video piece on the Yankees game 2 loss to the Tigers last week and two more MSN stories on game 3 losses. That’s much better since these videos are more current, but still I had hoped to find results on the overall series and game 4 losses. However, all the videos play easily and the links work; i.e. they aren’t broken or to old or outdated pages.

For comparison purposes I go to Google to see what happens when I search for Yankees. Not surprisingly, the first several returns are for the Yankees home page. But when I go to Google News, I do get the most up-to-date news stories, such as articles on why manager Joe Torre should be fired.

This is what video search needs. When I go a video search engine—any of them—I should be able to enter Yankees and get the most recent videos about the Yankees, such as the post-game interviews and press conferences on the series loss as well as “60 Minutes” stories from the summer.


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