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Trial and Error

And now we return YouTube, CBS and CBS.com…but we finish up with ABC

November 28, 2006 2:42 PM

Since I got such a kick out of the Borat clip from CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman” yesterday on YouTube—and really, what’s not to like…the guy is funny—I decided to view the whole interview. Conveniently, YouTube has placed a link next to the short video urging viewers to click through to CBS.com to view the whole interview.

And that’s when I think CBS is really smart. That’s good cross-promotion, building traffic to its Web site and all that. So, I click through. But as I look around the CBS.com page, I don’t see any links or clips for the Borat interview or other extended show clips, as promised back on YouTube.

I hunt a bit more, but can’t find the promised interview or anyone like it.

So I decide to go back to YouTube and revisit the CBS clips as if I am just coming to the site for the first time as a regular user, rather than a rabid CBS fan. I’ll pretend that I am just your standard YouTube visitor, bumping around the site for interesting videos.

I go to YouTube.com. I click on videos. Under today’s videos, I don’t see anything from CBS. But I’m not looking for CBS, so I just trawl around some more.

I try top videos for the month. Nothing there either.

Let’s try the link for “channels,” since technically CBS has a “channel” on YouTube. I go there and look around for CBS videos. I don’t see any on the first few pages.

But, looky there. I do spot something from “Grey’s Anatomy Fan.” “Grey’s” is my favorite show. And since I am not pretending I’m a CBS fan right now, I’d rather watch this—five minutes from last Thursday’s epic episode.

So I do.


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