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Trial and Error

Blip.TV Needs to Cede More Control

November 2, 2006 4:30 PM

Video-sharing service Blip.TV redesigned its home page recently (Blip.tv Revamps Video Site) to include top shows and best episodes of the day. The goal is to make Blip.tv an online video destination.

Let’s see if the site accomplished that, shall we?

As soon as I arrive at the home page a video starts from the Web show “Something to be Desired” that chronicles the adventures of deejays at the fictional WANT radio station.

But here’s the big problem. I don’t see any visible controls for the video, such as pause, fast forward or stop. As a Web user, this makes me nervous, even skittish. I don’t like not being able to control the video. So I frantically look around and hit a nearby arrow key, which jumps me to a video about a robot.

Off to the right, I spot a link for “Featured Videos” and quickly select one for the short film “Chasing Windmills,” simply to escape. That does, thankfully, lead me into a separate page with an embedded video player.

There’s even a “click to play” button underneath the player so I can start the video when I am ready.

That’s good because we want to control the experience. We don’t want videos to start without our knowledge, or really with our boss’ knowledge or ability to hear them. For a video-sharing site to succeed, we need to be able to easily start and stop and hide and mute videos.


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