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Trial and Error

Hey, Bob! Help Me Find the Video!

November 3, 2006 9:09 PM

Well-known television personality and home improvement guru Bob Vila has got his own Web home. The site, Bobvila.com, rolled out a number of new features to coincide with the new season of his syndicated series.

What’s interesting to me is whether a site such as bobvila.com could be a competitor to existing properties from cable networks such as the Scripps Networks, which traffics in the home improvement genre.

So if Scripps will face competition from places like Bobvila.com, let’s check out the site. There’s an image in the center of the home page and beneath the image I click on the “watch videos” link. Pretty clever of me, huh?

It brings me to another page, chock full of information on home projects. I just want to see the videos so I click on the “Video Archives” link. That brings me to yet another page.

This one says “Bob Vila Home Remodeling TV Show!” and then has a description of the show that reads, “In addition to weekly updates on the home improvement television show's current project, you can see videos of featured home construction details and practices.” Well, that’s why I’m here, so let me see them.

I hit the link for “view current episode.” That brings me to a page with a photo and text. But no video plays.

Underneath the text is a list of “featured videos,” OK, fine, I’ll try those. That does launch an embedded video player that runs a video on baby proofing. The player contains some cool navigation features—you can click ahead to the start of each new segment, for instance. Still, it took too many clicks just to get here.

Tomorrow, let’s see how the Scripps sites rate.


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