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Trial and Error

NBCnews.com Earns Thumbs Up

November 15, 2006 2:40 PM

Today I’m hoping that three’s a charm. After two top-notch user experiences at ABCnews.com and CBSnews.com, I’m curious if NBCnews.com will make a trifecta.

The video links on NBCnews.com aren’t quite as high up as on CBSnews.com, but the site still does include several video links on the home page. I click on the first one and a window opens with a video player on the left and several links and stories laid out in an L-shape around the player

As I did on the CBS news site, I create a playlist. There are links under each thumbnail image for “add to playlist,” so I choose three videos for my own mini-Webcast and the first one kicks off. I scroll quickly to the end of the first video and the second one is queued up and ready to go.

After the playlist test, I then click on some random videos underneath the player and they all start easily.

And I am quite simply impressed. These news sites are among the easiest and most feature-rich video sites I’ve been to.


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i was watching the "today" show this morning and the news portion was airing and Natalie was talking about the policemen who were found guilty in New Orleans when she said "one of the victims killed by the police was mentally retarded! HELLO ! The polictically correct statement should of been "mentally challenged"

I watch channel 5 news exclusively everyday from 5:30 to 6:30 and then again at 10:00.
I sure you can "squeeze" a few more commercials in each 1/2 hr segment.
And why not "bait" us with more than one point of interest that is saved to last.
I wish it didn't have to be so................

janet neall:

the president should send work release prison prorams and start to empty out the jails and put them in the army etc and send them over to to iraq . then get caught doing something that you shouldn't ,instant firing squad. that should elimate a lot of spending for the government. work release programs pay the prisoners for working at jobs give them free mrdical and take away jobs and overtime from hard working people trying to support thier families.while they sit back and laugh.by the time they retire not having to pay for rent food medical etc they can live a good life,while the rest of us still struggle.why sould we pay for heat air conditioning computers etc for prisioners let them work for thier freedom defending our country.

terry dotson:

NBC and it's left wing news casters continue to report the special news bites of the people they wish to tear down and are disrepestivefull of our leadership. People should know that Tim worked for the senator from New York and Chris worked for the former speaker Mr O"Neil.
NBC should move from the far far left and get back to reporting the news and trying to get Hillary and the Clinton gang back to the white house. They are almost giddy by the pospect of having the liberals back in town
Thomas Jefferson most feared freedom of the press being unfailrly used, my goodness how right he was ----it is time for a change in the direction of our press...one that is respectfull and truthfull in their reporting..

John P. Linscott Sr.:

I'm a 72 year old man and a veteran. My views on the war have changed over the past few months and I pray that some one will have an answer. But how dare you allow this person William Arkin to continue on your network. His comments about our fighting men and women is totaly irresponsable. He is doing more damage to this country and our fighting men and women. I am angry with this person and it's time you remove him from your broadcast.


I am appalled at this man arkin.nbc you should be ashamed of yourself.

I can;t believe you talk about Gonzales firing 8 judges and never said a word about Clinton firing all 93 when he was in office.I also can;t understand whats so wrong about they treat eligiles.Also if you would read the Bible tou would know it;s wrong to be a gay person.Why you think God destroyed Sodom and Gomorra.

jane cormier:

i am 70 years old. i grew up listening to nbc news. for the past 15 years i have had to stop listening to your news. although i try to go back to nbc now and then. i am so sorry to see nbc go down the drain. your news is not based on facts.you usually tell half a story. you give your oponion of the news ,not the whole truth,which in news should be the facts. i will continue to check your news reports. i keep hoping that nbc will wake up and at least have one person on your network that i could hear the whole story, the facts on both sides of the story you cover. still waiting in cajun country


Bryan Williams Nightly news does not get the credit he deserves. I watch his news every night. He reports the news, he doesn't remake it to suit him. I watched the debate with Brian and Tim Russet And Bryan you should have handled it all by yourself. Tim was trying to make a scandal so bad and the way he questioned Hillary was just awful. This is the second time he tried to destroy Hillary and to watch him and all those other men trying to knock her out was disgraceful. If Tim wants to know all this about Bill Clinton he should ASK HIM HIMSELF.Hey Tim, how about shooting Giluini down. Do us a favor.There is enough on him to make another debate. Tim you showed your colors and they were not good.

bill richmond:

everytime congress investagages the CIA, they weaken it. and we suffer some new type of an attack first it was highjacked aircraft then our overseas embasseys then our ships and troops then 911 if THE CIA is handcuffed again will the next one be a nucular with a dirty bomb?Do they realy care if our troops are bein killed? I say to save one american life do what you gotta do


nbc mon tues evening news didnot have it together look bad mistakes audio you could see people walking around in background

Jeff Mosley:

I was watching your early show with Matt and Meridith about why men cheat. Come on give me a break! There are as many women out there with thier legs in the air like rabbit ears on a old T.V. You people need to get real. I'll admit what he did was wrong but lets give equal time to the ladies

vivian letizia:

I watch nbc news all day (when I'm not at work)
I really enjoy the Today show in the morning.
Kudo's to Ann Curry for all her hard work this week. The one thing that I truely dislike is the 6:00 news with Linda Boquero and David Ushery. Linda has no chemistry with him. I would like to see Darlene rodriquez take the place of Linda. Linda has no personality. If she is in the 6:00 spot because of her double minority status, Darlene would be perfect. I have
gotten to the point of watching CBS with Katie
Couric just to avoid watching Linda. I have given this some thought-perhaps a bit too much.
Please consider this. I'm not alone in this feeling.Nothing against Mr Ushery. Just get rid of Linda.
Vivian Letizia DDS




I don't clap when I watch a news item, but I did for the first time last night. Brian Williams story/tribute to the retiring NBC White House photographer was wonderful and touching. Taking network time to say thanks to the folks behind the camera says a lot about Mr. Williams and the NBC family.


I would like to get info or for you to send me the site on info on buying homes in chicago and remodling homes going into forclosuer. Classes on how to buy and what to look for. This was a great news bite.

Charles W Nearon:

Brian Williams mentioned that Iraq had billions of dollars invested in the USA while the USA was spending billions of dollars reconstructing their infrastructure.

I suggest that if USA insisted that the Iraqui government use their oil revenue to pay for the reconstruction they would use European, Asian and other Eastern organizations to perform the work that US firms such as Haliburton are engaged in and enjoying the high profit margin, they would have their contracts cancelled if USA dollars dried up.

That is why the USA is not demanding that the iraqui participate with their dollars.


NBC is to much for Obama, too one sided, I might have considered voteing for him untill I watched NBC.It turned our groug sour to how bad NBC has treated McCain.
We are a society of 50 chapters with members in 21 states. We are emailing companys that place tv ads with NBC that we will not buy there products, becouse of their unfair support of Obama. NBC shoud show both Obama and McCain on an even playing field and let the people make up their minds. Not let NBC make it up for them.
You have lost about 1000 viewers across America over the last year, plus all those we can convince to watch other networks.
By the way Tom Brokawk bad mouthed McCains vp choice not as a comentator but his own personal views.He is worse than Rather was on CBS.

John Childs:

I believe the total media empire has become a last-class business and no longer belong in the class of "Journal" but just a bunch of over rated bums- especially NBC.

Bill Callan:

Give Obamma and McCain all the hell you want to, but pull your feet out of the slime and leave the little Palin girl alone.
The two hosts of the TODAY SHOW are the very worst.
Stick with the issues !!!

Rita Halbert:

The media needs to step back and actually put themselves in the shoes of the Palin family,especially Katie Couric who has two girls of her own. I watched the campaign speech of Sarah Palin and she was amazing and I so agree with her on the media bias. Do they think that we as veiwers are such idiots that we can't see thru their one sided attitudes? It has gotten to the point that most of all the people I know watch the news casts from Fox News. Those people are true professionals and don't throw out all the crap we get from the main stream media.
Come on guys stay with the really important facts of the campaign. And stop being so obvious about your choice!!!!!!!!!!

Ann Hollis:

Today marks the 7th anniversary since the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City. I am deeply distressed to see that NBC chose not to air the memorial service. As an honorable and caring country, it is our duty to remember the people who died on this tragic day. Some people speak of never forgetting the Nazi holocaust or the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Why this news station failed to air this important anniversary speaks to their lack of patriotism and respect for the families who still today mourn the losses of their loved ones. I will continue to view Fox News and CNN. But this news station truly has lost any newsworthy value for the American people.

Ann Hollis

verina weis:

As I was watching nbc news this morning, we had a lesson on how to properly fit a bra. Another segment tried to show us how to eat healthy while watching football games. The "bra" segment was several minutes, however they tried to teach us good nutrition in 45 seconds. I wish NBC would quit doing this! Leave out the "stupid" stuff and help us become more knowledgeable about nutrion and healthy eating. Just my own, personal, observation.

M. Mazeski:

I am curious as to whether NBC News is going to report and condemn the slap down by the Obama campaign of Florida's WFTV for asking honest questions of Joe Biden? It seems to me that the WFTV Anchor has more honesty and gumption than national media "journalists", including NBC. Why is the Obama camp afraid of tough questions that require honest answers. What kind of a White House will we have if Obama is elected? It appears that it will be one in which no one is allowed to question him or his actions without retaliation!
And don't tell us that this item isn't newsworthy. It is an outright attack on the Freedom of the Press. Unless of course you want a press that restricted in what it can and cannot ask and or print. Wouldn't that be a "state run press"?

Ted Gilman:

Hey Byian williams! when you replaced Tom B. i said oh give me a break![i really like tom, and still do] But i never miss you and really enjoy how you report it! I don't like hearing about the emails you get. {But i geuss} the two things i like best about your news is you always try to tell it right, and up until you got those [emails] you never sugar coated it! If it's bad it's bad! and if it's getting better, you will tell us!
I really enjoy your news and the way you report it! keep it up! I have been going to send this e-mail for about 2 years now! now it's none!
Ted Gilman,spokane Wash

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