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Trial and Error

New Site for Movie Lovers

November 16, 2006 2:06 PM

Reelzchannel.com recently fired up its site, a new online video channel all about movies.

The site includes interviews with directors and actors, behind-the-scenes clips, trailers and a short newsy movie highlight show.

What’s also cool about the site is you can look up listings of movies that are on TV, DVD and video-on-demand. The VOD search service is particularly cool because most cable operators do not include search functionality on VOD, so you have to actually click through various menus to find VOD movies. The Reelzchannel.com menu shows VOD movies all in one spot. The service lets users look up more than 180,000 movies and see if they are on TV, DVD or in theaters.

All in all, it’s a pretty cool site for movie lovers and is rich with video content. I’m not sure it’ll give IMDB.com a run for its money, but what Reelz does have in its favor are trailers, short interviews and original content.

If you’re a movie buff, Reelzchannel.com is worth a bookmark.


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If this is a true movie lover's site I simply cannot wait for christmas to see the soon to be classic"there will be blood". Apparently Paul Thomas Anderson has taken the novel "oil" by Upton Sinclair and crafted it into a possible oscar winner starring the incredible Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainfield;one of the first true big oil men who lets nothing and no one get in his way. I haven't seen the film but I love the various trailers on YOUTUBE and I don't let a day go by without watching the trailer. A film has not excited me this much since "300" and I still have awesome flashbacks about that one. Simply put, put the kids to bed early, kiss your loved ones and fly as fast as your can to the cineplex on christmas day and you may witness a true work of art.

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