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Trial and Error

Phil Put the 'B' in Blogging

November 15, 2006 2:44 PM

Want a break from YouTube? Eager to get your video fix elsewhere?

Check out Philtube.com, a YouTube look-a-like. The site contains a handful of videos that essentially poke fun at the most popular viral videos, such as the one with the guy who sent out a video resume to look for a job. There are several LonelyGirl parodies on the site, too.

The best one though is Phil’s “Did You say Blogging?” video.

You see, Phil takes blogging very seriously and spends most of the two-minute clip directing staffers to blog. Putting his calls on hold to blog. Advising others to blog. He says, “I have been blogging all morning. Have you guys been blogging?” Then he adds, “Tell Donny Deutsch I am blogging and I will call him back.”

He finishes with, “We put the B in blogging.”

I must admit, I laughed out loud.

My only kvetch is the videos are slow to load. But they are worth the wait.

PhilTube was created by PGM Artists, a company that connects creative artists with advertising agencies and media companies.


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