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Trial and Error

Stupid Videos Looks Sharp, But Needs More Detail

November 17, 2006 1:52 PM

Video-sharing site StupidVideos became the latest independent video site to give itself a facelift. (StupidVideos.com Announces Upgrades)

I log onto the site, stupidvideos.com, to check out the bigger player and better browse function that the site is touting. Immediately, I notice that the site is tighter and neater and easier on the eye. That includes a series of tabs above the first set of videos, with new, most popular and top rated videos. There’s also a list of video categories on the left hand side, as well as another series of images for three StupidVideos shows, such as Animals Gone Wild. There’s also a tab for Editor’s Picks.

I always like to check out most popular videos first because that’s indicative of what’s popular and, as a reporter, that’s what I am always interested in. One of the most popular is an Evil Penguin video, in which one tuxedoed bird knocks down another. The video lasts about five seconds, but it’s still pretty funny. It’s a penguin swiping another — how could it not be funny?

That jumps right into the next video. I’m not a fan of the loop concept where one video starts right after the next. So I go back to the main page and click “All New Videos.”
Nothing happens and the screen doesn’t change.

In general, I like the site and the redo. Navigation is intuitive and I can quickly bounce around to various types of videos. Even on the Browse Videos section, I can view the Top Rated, Lowest Rated and Most Reviewed Videos by day, week and month.

But I can’t find the one feature that I believe is most important to a viral video site — I want to view the Most Popular videos by day, week or month. But that’s not an option. I don’t really care what most popular overall is and I want to know what’s most popular now.

So tell me.


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